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For 9 years the number of the unemployed citizens decreased by 176 thousand people in Kazakhstan

According to data of experts of JSC "Information and analytical center for employment problems (hereinafter  – JSC "IAC EP"), for the last 9 years in Kazakhstan positive dynamics on decrease of total number of the unemployed from 625 thousand people in 2006 down to 449 thousand is noted according to the results of the second quarter 2015.

At the same time analysts note that among the unemployed the share of those who looks for work for the first time grows.

"The share of education institutions graduates in total number of the unemployed has grown from 20,1% in 2006 (118 thousand people) up to 28,2% in 2014 (124 thousand) and 32,4% in the second quarter 2015 (141 thousand). It is connected with that in the second quarter graduates of schools colleges, technical schools and higher education institutions start entering labor market, ", - experts think.

Analysts suppose that if the prices for oil and other raw material resources exported by Kazakhstan remain at the same level as a number of the financial and analytical organizations forecast, in the short term the amount of vacancies in labor market may decrease.

Let us remind, earlier experts noted that "successful fight against unemployment in Kazakhstan is provided due to implementation of the Employment Road Map 2020 program in which the goals are explicitly stated: unemployment rate - no more than 5%; level of women's unemployment - no more than 5,5%; level of youth unemployment - no more than 4,6%, and also implementation directions are precisely selected: employment promotion through development of infrastructure and housing and communal services; stimulation of the entrepreneurship initiative and integrated development of support villages; training and assistance in employment and resettlement, taking into account real demand of the employer".

In 2014 within the framework of the ERM 2020 program implementation over 167 thousand people are employed. Since the beginning of this year more than 118 thousand people, from among them to permanent work positions – 97,4 thousand citizens, to temporary work positions – 20,7 thousand people are employed

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