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"With love to children" project on joining to the families of the orphan children and children left without support of parents has been launched in Kazakhstan

Today in Astana the social project "With love to children" of "Responsible for future" charity foundation engaged in joining the  orphan children and children without parental support to the families has started with assistance of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK, the Ministry of science and education of the RK, the "Amway" company.

Implementation of the project began with the training seminar for the social sphere workers on the subject "Role of Children's Home in accompany of the Child to Family". Its goal is training of staff of children's homes in work on training of pupils for life in a foster home.

Representatives of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK, Committee on protection of the rights of children of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, regional administrations of healthcare and directors of regional children's homes from regions of the country participated in the seminar.

Orphan children and children without parental support will be involved in target audience of the project. 

Problems of the social orphanhood (the orphan at living parents who for various reasons do not bring up their children), phenomenon of "a secondary orphanhood" (return of the child from a foster home to children's home again) are actual for the Kazakhstan society today. Their solving is possible by systematic approach, one of which main components is training of specialists and adoptive parents.

The program of the seminar is developed at the initiative of "Responsible for future" charity foundation in the format of training with use of various exercises, works in mini-groups and discussions. Participants are trained by skilled trainers: Dina Magnat who holds seminar trainings for specialists in the joining to family, the mother who adopted two children and Elena Solovyova, the coach of school of adoptive parents and trustees, mother having many children who also adopted two children. Upon completion of the seminar its participants will be awarded standard certificates on successful completion of the training.

As the head of programs "Responsible for future" charity foundation Natella Imamova noted: "Children shall live together with the loving and careful parents at home. Work of social structures and our fund is aimed at that every child would have the real family. The key program "With Love to Children" is aimed first of all at the help to foster homes".

Let us remind, the grant competition "With love to children" arranged by  "Responsible for future" charity foundation is held annually since 2013. In 2015 organizations from Kazakhstan for the first time were invited to participate in the competition; as result 11 applications were received and SOS project of Astana Children's village was supported. Fund for financing the projects of competition in Kazakhstan and Russia constituted about KZT100 million in 2015. 

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