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Specialists of MHSD RK have conducted training for the employees of state institutions and enterprises in 9 regions of the country concerning new system of the civil servants' remuneration

Since October of this year specialists of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK (hereinafter – MHSD RK) conduct training in new model of system of civil servants' remuneration of accountants and staff of HR services of state institutions and enterprises of the regions. As of November 26 members of the MHSD RK working group have conducted training in 9 regions of the republic: Astana and Almaty, Karaganda, Akmola, Almaty, North Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan and Aktyubinsk oblasts. In total more than 5,5 thousand people are covered with training.

So, in the capital within the period from October 9 to October 20 training was conducted for employees of the central and local government bodies and subordinated organizations of state agencies in the sphere of education, culture, sport, archives and religion.

Besides, on November 9 in Astana there were held 2 meetings on training in new model of civil servants' remuneration in which totally more than 800 attendees (workers of state institutions and state enterprises of all fields of activities and employees of government bodies) took part.

On November 10 in Karaganda oblast region training of the workers in the sphere of education, culture, sport, social security and others has been conducted. More than 120 people took part in the training, and also more than 500 people took part in the mode of video conference with 17 districts of oblast.

On November 14 in South Kazakhstan oblast training was provided for more than 900 employees of public institutions, state enterprises and government bodies.

Till the end of the year training will be conducted in all regions of the republic.

Let us remind, in fulfillment of the order of the Head of State, since January 1, 2016 new model of civil servants' remuneration system will be implemented. It provides for division of civil servants positions into four categories depending on education, complexity and degrees of responsibility of the performed works:

block A - responsible for strategy of organization development and making administrative decisions; block В - block of the main personnel providing realization of the main functions of the organization; block С - carrying out administrative and legal and economic functions; block D – auxiliary personnel realizing support and technical functions.

As a result of introduction of new model of remuneration system differentiated salary increase for workers of the main personnel depending on qualification expected:

- in health sector is from 7% to 28%;

- education is from 15% to 29%;

- other spheres is from 28% to 40%.

At that the increase in salary will be differentiated, depending on education level, qualification, length of service of the worker, etc.

Changed on 27 November, 2015 - 12:42
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