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Since January 1, 2016 salary of civil servants will be increased in Kazakhstan

Since January 1, 2016  salaries will be increased for the workers of healthcare – up to 28%, education – up to 29%, other spheres – up to 40%.

According to new model of civil servants remuneration which will be implemented since 2016 it is provided for to divide the posts of civil servants into four categories depending on education, qualifications, difficulties and degrees of responsibility of the performed works:

1.  The block of the managerial personnel (block A) responsible for strategy of organization development and making administrative decisions. Heads and deputy heads of the organizations, heads and deputies of structural divisions depending on the level of submission of the organizations (or on degree of administrative responsibility will enter this block: republican, oblast, district).

2. The block of the main personnel (block B) providing realization of the main functions of the organization. This block includes doctors, teachers, research associates, social workers, teachers of the higher education institutions and other workers who are carrying out the main functions of the organization. For such workers it is offered to enter the differentiated calculation of official salaries for three fields of activity: "Healthcare", "Education" and "Other branches".

3. The block of administrative personnel (block C), carrying out administrative and legal and economic functions. This block of positions will include lawyers, accountants, economists, translators, economic service managers, etc.

4. The block of support personnel (block D) realizing auxiliary and technical functions. Clerks, registrars, cashiers, commandants, secretaries will belong to this block of positions.

This model also provides for implementation of special scale of coefficients for calculation of official salary and optimization of surcharges and extra charges for working conditions.

The above approaches in remuneration of civil servants will allow to increase prestige of job of teachers, doctors, workers of social security, to improve quality of state services provided to  population, stimulate the career and professional development of workers and provide implementation of instruction  of the Head of State on increase in salary of the main personnel depending on qualification: in healthcare - from 7% to 28%, in education – from 15% to 29%, in other spheres – from 28% to 40%.

Since January 1, 2016, KZT 272,6 milliard including KZT  228,8 milliard to local budgets in the form of target transfers were  allocated additionally  from the republican budget to implement this model.

The innovation extends on the employees of public institutions being not the public servants and on employees of the state enterprises.

In total in Kazakhstan more than 1 million civil servants are teachers, doctors, workers of culture, social sphere and others.

Let us remind that from October to December in all republic regions the specialists of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK conducted training of accountants and HR departments staff of public institutions and enterprises concerning new model of system for remuneration of civil servants. In total over 9 thousand people were covered by training.

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