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In MHSD RK there were discussed the objectives set by the Head of State in his Message to People of Kazakhstan

Today the meeting of collegium of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK on the main objectives in the social and labor sphere and health system in the light of implementation of the Message of the Head of State to People of Kazakhstan of November 30, 2015 "Kazakhstan in new global reality: growth, reforms, development" was held under chairmanship of the Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Tamara Duisenova.

Vice Ministers, responsible secretary, chairmen of committees, heads of structural subdivisions and subordinated organizations took part in the event.

Opening the collegium meeting Tamara Duisenova emphasized that despite difficult economic situation in the world, it is necessary to make best efforts to implement the objectives set by the Head of State including execution of all social obligations for next year and prevention of worsening the welfare of Kazakhstan citizens.

The Vice-Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Birzhan Nurymbetov presented the report on the new Labor Code of the RK. He reminded that the new Code was developed in fulfillment of the Plan of Nation - 100 steps on implementation of five institutional reforms (step 83) sounded by the Head of State.

New labor Code clearly determines the borders of state interference in sphere of labor relations between the employer and employees with taking into account the ensuring balance of the parties' interests, distributes the role and responsibility of the labor relationship parties.  

The state will establish the minimum labor standards, basic guarantees and remunerations of workers and determine the main rights and obligations and ensure rigid control of their execution by employers.

"At that, relations between the employer and workers will be built mostly through collective negotiations and the agreements and contracts concluded between them", Birzhan Nurymbetov emphasized.


Vice Minister of healthcare and social development Yelzhan Birtanov informed about results of work on the draft State program of healthcare development of the RK for 2016-2019 "Densaulyk".

He noted that within the framework of implementing the State program the system of public healthcare will be created on the basis of integration of epidemiological service and service of healthy lifestyle formation and nutrition rationalization.

Vice Minister reported that new State program is aimed at development of domestic healthcare system. The main effort will be made on prevention of diseases and improvement of rendering the primary medical and sanitary care.

As a result of the program implementation by 2020 the life expectancy of the Republic of Kazakhstan population shall increase up to 73 years.

In the course of collegium  Vice Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Svetlana Zhakupova made the report on implementation of the target social assistance (hereinafter - TSA) of new format.

She told that TSA in new format will be classified in 2 kinds: unconditional allowance and stated allowance.

Unconditional allowance will be provided to the families having no one able-bodied member (for example, families of persons with disabilities or elderly pensioners), or families the able-bodied members of which have objective reasons making it impossible for them to participate in employment promotion measures (for example, lonely mother with children of preschool age). For receiving allowance by such families obligatory participation in employment measures is not required.

State allowance will be provided to the families having at least one able-bodied member on condition of the social contract conclusion and obligatory participation of all able-bodied family members in employment promotion measures.

Signing the social contract, the parties assume mutual obligations: social services undertake measures for assistance in employment and pay allowances, and able-bodied family members honestly participate in employment promotion measures.

Besides, the Vice Minister also reported that since January 1, 2018 it is planned to execute transformation of special state benefits which will allow to simplify procedure of drawing up the benefits without reducing the amount of the received payments.

Following the collegium results Tamara Duisenova gave instructions to the staff of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK and the subordinated organizations to speed up work in all areas.

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