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For 8 years thanks to screening there were detected over 1,7 million people with various diseases at early stages

In Kazakhstan within the framework of implementing the National screening program and the State program of healthcare development "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015 since 2008 there were conducted more than 40,8 million examinations at the expense of funds from republican and local budgets are. It made it possible to detect more than 1,7 million people with various diseases at early stages.

The National screening program started in 2008 includes early detection of diseases of the blood circulatory system (BSK), breast and cervical cancer. In 2011 within implementation of State program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" screenings were expanded with examinations for detection of diabetes, glaucoma, colon and rectal cancer, and hepatitis B and C.

Within the Program of cancer care development of the RK for 2012-2016 integrated with the State program the screening for detection of prostate cancer, esophageal and gastric cancer liver cancer are stage-by-stage implemented.

Screening examinations are included into the list of guaranteed volume of free medical care. Patients participate in the screening program on the voluntary basis. They have the right: to receive information concerning diseases at which screening id conducted, and screening procedure; to pass free examination on the approved volume; to get consultations from specialists according to algorithm of screening; to get dynamic observation and health improvement procedures according to protocols of diagnostics and treatment; to receive information on the screening results; in case of development of the unforeseen undesirable (collateral) phenomena / complications during examinations – to receive the appropriate medical care within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

Currently coverage by screenings constitutes about 70% of both city and country people. Screening examinations in the outlying settlements are performed with use of mobile medical complexes.

At that the target group includes men and/or women, certain age groups in which the risk of some diseases development is high. The patients registered on Dispensary for these diseases and having severe somatic pathology, and those refused participation in the program are excluded from the target group.

For the period of implementation (since 2008) in Kazakhstan 40 million 819 thousand 218 screening examinations have been carried out. 1 million 777 thousand 475 cases of diseases, among them 1 million 228 thousand 561 cases of blood circulatory system diseases, 184 thousand 529 cases of cervical cancer, 304 thousand 403 cases of a breast cancer, 34 thousand 488 cases of diabetes, 20 thousand 301 cases of glaucoma and 5 thousand 193 cases of colon and rectal cancer are detected.

When screening for detection of the blood circulatory system diseases the highest levels of detection are noted in the East Kazakhstan oblast (14,1%) and in Almaty (11,3%) that conforms to the international WHO recommendations (10-20%). At detection of diabetes in Kyzylorda oblast the indicator reached 1,2%, while WHO recommended level is 1-2%. In general throughout Kazakhstan the cervical cancer is detected in 0,04% of cases, while the indicator recommended by WHO is 0,03%.

For these years KZT4,7 milliard from local budget funds and KZT19,3 milliard from the republican budget funds were allocated for implementation of screening programs.

Training of staff and their qualification improvement on the constant basis is the integral component of implementing the effective screening program. So, in 2011, at implementation of European standards in cancer screening, seminars for doctors of primary medical and sanitary care and narrow specialists were conducted in all regions. Also, in 2011 the training of 85 instructors from among teachers of medical higher schools and 46 teachers of medical colleges was provided for the subsequent carrying out professional development of specialists in primary medical and sanitary care and the out-patient and polyclinic organizations in screening programs.

On the base of Kazakh scientific and research institute of oncology and radiology master classes on issues concerning early diagnostics and screening of malignant new growths are regularly conducted with the invitation of the leading foreign specialists and experts. From 2012 to 2015 there were conducted 14 master classes as a result of which 588 specialists were trained with involvement of experts from Belgium, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia and Japan.

 Besides, within the framework of implementing the State program the country medical organizations were provided with the modern endoscopic, radiological and laboratory equipment allowing conducting screening researches taking into account the last achievements of medical science.

Let us remind that screening is the routine medical examination of healthy persons of certain age for detection of risk factors and diseases at early stages to increase the efficiency of treatment and prevention of complications.

Under screening application of various researches allowing diagnosing this or that disease at the stage when still there are no symptoms of disease.

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