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The National drug formulary is developed in Kazakhstan

This was announced today at a briefing in Central Communications Service under the President of RK, dedicated to this event, reported Larissa Pak, the Vice-chairman of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activity Control Committee of Ministry of Health and Social Development (MHSD) of RK.

"Issues of provision of medicines are referred to national security of the state. Therefore each country has to have the national policy of provision of medicines which provides the solution of issues of quality, safety and availability of the medicines provided to the population. Now the National drug formulary (hareinafter - KNF) implements into realization of the RK Code "On Health of the People and Health Care System" for rational use of medicines in Kazakhstan which will include information on all medicines registered in the republic with the proved clinical efficiency, possible side effects and the limit price of each preparation", - told Larissa Pak.

She also noted that when forming the formulary was used the best international experience, evidential reasonable approaches to maintaining pharmacotherapy, data of researches of consumption level of clinically and economically effective, safe medicines, costs of a treatment course of each disease. Experts of the World Bank, Duncan Anright, the developer of the British national drug formulary which is considered "the gold standard" in the world and is the model formulary of the World Health Organization, as well as the best experts from Europe, Australia and Kazakhstan involved in preparation of the document.

"KNF will allow to expand the competitive environment and to enhance transparency at purchase, as well as will give option to choose preparations on the basis of patient-oriented model of drug supply. Thus, it will become the big reference book, both for doctors and citizens of the country. In addition, it will enable each medical organization to create drug formulary, to plan correctly the budget depending on a profile and the price of a preparation" — Larissa Pak emphasized.

For determination of the limit prices of medicines and their subsequent incorporation into the KNF is introduced a pricing model which is based on reference (internal and external) pricing, process of price registration and direct negotiations with pharmaceutical companies or their official representatives.

"At the moment experts of MHSD RK analyzed over 3 thousand prices of medicines and medical products taking into account reference pricing, negotiated with pharmaceutical companies to reduce these prices. Therefore are registered 2842 prices of medicines and 239 prices of medical products which are reduced from 10% up to 50% in comparison with the price level of 2015" - informed the Vice-president of the Committee.

Today the KNF included 616 international unlicensed medicines, and in the State Register of medicines are registered 2842 preparations with the limit prices. It is worth emphasizing that work on updating of KNF will be continued on a regular basis.

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