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In 2015 specialists of the MHSD RK Data and service center served more than 334 thousand Kazakhstan citizens

In 2015 the uniform Data and service center of Ministry of Health and Social Development of RK received 334 083 thousand addresses of citizens, from them telephone addresses – 284 970 thousand, SMS requests for existence of vacancies – 34 360 thousand, requests for e-mail, web, wap-portals – 14 753 thousand. All addresses of Kazakhstan citizens got advice in the online mode and irrefragable answers.

Data and service center operates since 2011 on the basis of the State Center of pension payment. By calling free number 1411, citizens can get answers on issues relating to pension, social security and insurance, labor relations, employment.

Also from this year via this service are provided online consultations to the citizens with disabled children.

Besides, by number 1411 Kazakhstan citizens can present complaints on work of establishments of the State Center of pension payment.

Calls are free of charge from all subscriber numbers and all mobile operators operating in the territory of the republic.

Besides consultation by phone it is possible to get information services on social and labour sphere as follows:

e-mail: info@info.mintrud.kz;

web portal: www.info.mintrud.kz (via the Internet);

wap-portal: wap.info.mintrud.kz (from cell phones).

It is also possible to send an SMS-message to number 1411 and to receive information on vacancies in the relevant locality. After request will be sent the message with contact information of employers who have vacancies on the requested specialty. SMS-message format: *work*city code*specialty#. For example, *work*7172*driver#.

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