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MHSD RK saved more than KZT5,7 milliard of budget funds

Specialists of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK saved KZT 5,7 milliards of budgetary funds as a result of optimization of the list of the medicines subject to be purchased by single distributor.

According to decision made by members of MHSD RK Formulary commission 110 names of the medical preparations were excluded from the above list due to lack of proved clinical efficiency.

In 2015 the MHSD RK Formulary commission held 8 meetings in total. The main result of their activities is implementation of new strategy of medicines provision and pricing for medical preparations within the framework of guaranteed volume of the free medical care based on the proved clinical efficiency of medicines.

Besides, the price base is under creation on the basis of the State register of medicines, medical products and medical equipment which will be supplemented on a constant basis.

Let us remind, that formulary system promotes rational use of medicines, namely application of medical preparations with the proved efficiency and safety. Full functioning of formulary system makes it possible to improve quality of medical of improvement based on enhancement of provision with medicines in the country, influencing purchase and availability of medicines.

To improve activities of formulary system the Formulary commission of MHSD RK having in its composition deputies of Mazhilis, clinical pharmacologists, chief specialists of MHSD RK, presidents of associations, representatives of National chamber of businessmen "Atameken" and National chamber of healthcare function in Kazakhstan. 

Changed on 30 December, 2015 - 11:39
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