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T. Duisenova discussed the issues on increase in labor market sustainability with the colleagues from OECD countries

Within the framework of meeting of the ministers of employment, labor and social security of member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (hereinafter – OECD)  held in Paris on January 14 the Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Tamara Duisenova held negotiations with colleagues concerning issues on increase in labor market sustainability.

Tamara Duisenova started her working trip to France with participation in the forum organized by Committee of employment, labor and the social relations of OECD. Within the framework of this event there were held 3 panel sessions devoted to digitalization; necessary skills and role of employers; social security systems, labor protection, quality of work and mobility of manpower in the context of the changing work mechanisms. The Secretary General of OECD Ángel Gurria, and also the First heads and representatives of the ministries of employment, labor and social security from 42 countries of the world participated in the forum.

In the course of discussion which took place within the meeting of the ministers, the head of department of the analysis and policy of employment of Directorate of employment, labor and social relations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Mark Kiz reported that the OECD starts implementation of two large-scale projects in the sphere of employment analysis. Within the framework of first project it is provided to conduct analysis of informatization, urbanization and the population aging influence on the future of manpower and labor market. The second project is aimed at analysis of workplaces quality and productivity ratio. He also supported Tamara Duisenova in that not the workplaces quantity, but employment quality, workers having the skills allowing them to be more mobile and productive in labor market shall be priority of the state policy.

Tamara Duisenova discussed with the Minister of social protection and labor of Lithuania Algimanta Pabyadinskene and the Vice Minister of labor of the Republic of Korea Dzhakhung Li the measures taken in these countries to increase the labor market sustainability. 

State Secretary for economic affairs of Switzerland Mari-Gabriyella Inneykhn-Fleysh told to the Head  of MHSD RK about experiment of this country on development of technical and professional education.

At the meeting with OECD representatives Tamara Duisenova discussed issues concerning further implementation of projects "Review of policies focused on three groups: youth, elderly workers and protection of vulnerable population groups", "Review of OECD health system for Kazakhstan" and "Review of OECD National Health Accounts for Kazakhstan".

Later in the day the Kazakhstan delegation visited the Paris Center for employment where MHSD RK specialists had opportunity to get familiar with France experience in this direction. 

Today within the framework of meeting of the ministers there will be organized the session on the theme "Assistance to Increase of sustainability and openness of labor market" and the section meeting in the course of which it is planned to discuss issues concerning improvement of labor life and work quality, inclusive labor markets and problems of inequality in labor market.

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