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Kazakhstan medical organizations are provided with all the things needed for treatment of the patients ill with flu

Medical organizations of Kazakhstan are provided with necessary reserve stock of medicines, equipment, emergency supply of antiviral preparations and disinfectants, as well as means of individual protection (respirators, masks) for treatment of patients with flu. To render medical care in 19 infectious diseases hospitals of the republic 6277 beds are provided.

According to data submitted by Committee of consumer protection of MNE RK, as of January 15, 2016, since the beginning of epidemiological season (since October 1, 2015) 270 laboratory- confirmed flu cases and more than 229 thousand ARVI cases have been registered. Main share of the diseased falls on children under 14 years and constitutes 70% of total morbidity. According to monitoring data epidemiological situation on flu and ARVI in the republic is stable. There were no reference level excesses established. In comparison with similar period of last year morbidity has been reduced by 13%.

It is worth to emphasize that annually in Kazakhstan vaccination against flu is carried out for preventive purposes prior to the epidemiological season beginning. Within the period from October to November, 2015 more than 1 million 700 thousand people have been covered by inoculations, including representatives of the most vulnerable groups (children with chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular diseases and immune insufficiency,  hyposthenic and sickly children, health workers, pregnant women, etc.) that constitutes 10% of total population number of the republic.

Flu is the acute infectious disease caused by flu virus very sharply propagated by airborne way. In its acute period the disease is noted by high temperature, headache, muscle and joints pains (ache) followed by runny nose, cough and a sore throat. Late visiting a doctor, failure to comply with doctor's prescriptions, having concurrent chronic diseases may lead to heavy complications, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, and cause the lethal outcomes.

In autumn-winter period MHSD RK recommends: to use means of individual protection – disposable masks, to change them each three hours; to visit a doctor at the first symptoms of disease; to observe the regimen of prescribed drugs' administration; to follow hygienic rules – to wash hands more often; to avoid visiting the places of mass congestion of people; stay out of self-medication. 

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