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Information concerning the fact of the doctors' having to pay up to KZT25 thousand in order to get permit to work contradicts the reality

Information concerning the fact of the doctors' having to pay up to KZT25 thousand in order to get permit to work spread in Kazakhstan mass media with reference to Facebook social network  contradicts the reality.

According to information submitted the head of the Republican center for knowledge and skills assessment (hereinafter - RCKSA) being a part of the Republican center for health development of MHSD RK, Gulmira Zhangereva, new system of independent assessment of professional qualifications of medics was implemented within the framework of State program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" due to transition to the international standards of proficiency testing. In the world practice the certificate (or licenses) granting is obligatory term to be permitted to practical work, and the knowledge and skills assessment of experts is carried out on the paid basis by the independent organization. The Kazakhstan doctors shall confirm their professional suitability each 5 years. In case of successful examination they are awarded certificate. Since January 1, 2016 the price of service in independent assessment of knowledge and skills of medics is established at the amount of KZT 2950 that does not exceed prime cost of the procedure arrangement expenses.

Confirmation of conformity to qualification with category assignment shall be conducted once in 5 years based on voluntary procedure. Category assignment provides for extra charge to salary. This procedure cost is in the range between KZT 13 598 and 24 285. The service tariff also does not exceed its prime cost consisting of expenses for technical support, as well as involvement of the highly skilled independent examiners, standardized patients, regional experts and expendables used at examination.

Rules and procedure used to carry out the independent assessment are approved by Order of the Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK dated May 28, 2015 # 404. According to this document, payment provided for procedure of knowledge and skills assessment may be executed at the expense of the employer's funds, personal funds of a specialist or other sources not forbidden by the laws.

Let us remind that in 2015 RCKSA have successfully passed the national accreditation in knowledge and skills assessment of medics and was entitled to carry out these activities. In the 4th quarter of last year the assessment was free of charge due to financing within the framework of the World Bank project. Due to the project completion this procedure is carried out by the accredited organization on a paid basis.

The first assessment stage is conducted as computer testing, the second one is conducted with using robotized dummies stimulating various pathological conditions of patients.

Procedure of knowledge and skills assessment is implemented to improve medical service quality and safety of patients.

Changed on 19 January, 2016 - 17:57
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