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In 2015, the Air Ambulance performed over 2.1 thousand missions in Kazakhstan

Teams of the Republican Air Ambulance Center performed 2149 missions in 2015 to render health care services. As to compare with the year 2014, the scope of flights is as much as 274 missions, or 13% as much. 

For the total of 12 months of the last year, the air medical service specialists rendered 2704 health care services in number, out of them 2098 cases of patient transportation, 463 consulting cases and 143 surgical cases. 

Moreover, 16 donor body organs were transported and 1 biomaterial was delivered.

For the given period, 10 missions were performed to carry patient-residents of RK from foreign clinicsto health care institutions in Astana and Almaty for further treatment management (2 flights from Bangkok (Thailand) and Seoul (Korea) each, 1 flight from Beijing (China), Omsk, Yekaterinburg (Russia), Cologne (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Bali (Indonesia) each).

Air Ambulance mobile brigades rendered medical aid to various patients in such disease area as childhood pathology, trauma, accidents and intoxication, pathologies in obstetrics and gynecology, circulatory system diseases, newborn pathology and others.

In the meantime, from January to December 2015, the Air Ambulance mobile brigades provided medical care to 573 patients suffering from various trauma, including 253 persons injured during road accidents.

For years of activity performed by the Republican Air Ambulance Center and thanks to urgent highly-qualified, specialized and highly specific medical care rendered, transportation of specialists to hard-to-reach regions of the country, patient transportation as well as body organs for furthertransplantation, thousands of lives were saved.

Air Ambulance personnel strive to hence qualification skills on an ongoing basis. In 2015, they had recurrent training and were certified in such disciplines as "Cardiology", "Reanimation and Emergency Intensive care", "Principles of rendering urgent medical aid to children and adults", "Neonatal Reanimation", "Intensive treatment procedure in acute cases of cardiovascular disturbance and asystolia", "Emergency Care Standards", "Principles of Intensive Treatment in acute cases of cardiovascular disturbance and asystolia in children", "Pre-hospital Emergency Aid in Trauma".

Let's note that the brigade of the Republican Air Ambulance Center was the third to get the prize at the annual international contest to render Emergency Health Care which was held in Lithuania in 2015 with more than 30 countries of Europe and CIS as participants.

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