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115 influenza cases were managed in Kazakhstan hospitals

Since the beginning of the year, 201 persons diagnosed with influenza and 12 669 people diagnosed with ARVI were hospitalized to 24-hour hospitals.As of January 27, 115 patients cured from influenza and 8 643 patients were treated against ARVI. Currently, 86 patients diagnosed with influenza are under treatment. The patients' health condition is stable and is monitored by the personnel of the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of RK.

Medical organizations in Kazakhstan are procured with all the required reserve stocks of medicinal products, equipment, emergency supply of antivirals and disinfectants, as well as personal protective equipment (respirators, masks) for flu management. With the purpose to render health care services, 6277 beds are arranged in 19 hospitals for infectious diseases.

Besides, outdoor rounds are arranged in all regions of the Republic for early detection of suspected cases of ARVI and influenza. Auxiliary firs aid brigades are formed and additional telephone lines in clinics are installed. Health care specialists from the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of RK daily monitor the incidence rate changes.

It should be noted that influenza immunization measures are normally taken prior to epidemic condition in Kazakhstan annually as preventive measures. From October to November 2015, immunization procedures were provided to more than 1 million 700 thousand people, including members of most vulnerable groups (children with chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular diseases, immune deficiency, weaken and sickly children, health care workers, pregnant women, etc.), which accounts for 10% of the total population volume.

It is recommended by the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of RK for the autumn and winter periods: to use personal protective equipment items, namely, disposable masks changing them every three hours; to seek medical help with first signs of the disease; to follow the doctor's prescriptions; to comply with hygiene rules, and in particular, to wash hands more frequently; to avoid crowded places; to avoid self-treatment.

As per the data submitted by the Committee of Consumer Protection of the Ministry of National Economy (MNE) RK, 493 cases of influenza confirmed by the laboratory and over 284 000 ARVI cases have been registered as of January 27 to occur from the beginning of epidemiological season (from October 1, 2015). In general, ARVI and Influenza incidence rate in the country does not exceed the maximum allowable limits and moreover, the figures are lower that those for the identical period of 2015. 

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