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In 2016 68,2 bln. tenge were allocated from the republican budget for payments of up to year child care benefits for the birth of a child

In 2016 for implementation of state lump-sum benefit payments in a connection with the birth of a child it was planned by 30,9 bln. tenge, for monthly state child care benefit payments before achievement by the benefit of age of one year – 37,3 bln. tenge.

Amount of a state lump-sum benefit in a connection with the birth on the first, second, third of a child constituted in the 66 621th tenge, for the birth of the fourth child, and more than - 111 035 tenge. Size of a monthly state first child care benefit constituted with 12 217 tenge, behind the second - 14 445 tenge, the third: 16 650 tenge, the fourth and more – 18 877 tenge.

We will remind you in 2015 56 bln. tenge were allocated for implementation of payments of the above-mentioned benefits from the republican budget. 

Changed on 2 February, 2016 - 11:40
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