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In hospitals of Kazakhstan 165 people are treated for influenza

Since the beginning of the year 245 people with a cold were hospitalized to the round-the-clock hospitals of the republic with the "Influenza" diagnosis – 14  596.  For influenza 165 patients are treated as at January 31, 10 thousand 197 ones – for the cold. At present 80 people with the influenza diagnosis receive treatment in hospitals. Their condition is assessed as stable and is under control of the Ministry of Health and social gain.

"The medical organizations of Kazakhstan are provided with all necessary stocks of medicines, equipment, not diminishing stock of antiviral drugs and disinfectants, as well as with personal protective equipments (respirators, masks) for treatment of influenza patients. For delivery of medical care 6277 bunks are deployed in 19 infectious diseases hospitals of the republic.

In addition, in all the regions of the republic yard bypasses are organized for the purpose of an early revelation of individuals with suspicion ARVI and influenza. "Additional brigades of an ambulance of medical care are formed, additional phone lines are organized in polyclinics. Daily monitoring of the level of morbidity is conducted by specialists of MHSD of RK.

It is worth emphasizing for prophylactic purposes a vaccination is annually conducted in Kazakhstan before the beginning of the epidemiological season against influenza. In the period from October to November 2015 more than 1 million 700 thousand people, the (weakened children including of representatives of the most vulnerable groups with chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular diseases, immune failure), and often the children who are sick, the medical officers, the pregnant women and etc.) who are 10% of the total amount of population of the republic were covered by the inoculations.

MHSD of RK recommends  in an autumn-winter period: utilize of personal protective equipment – disposable masks, change them every three hours; at the first signs of a disease turn to the physician; observe the regime of an intake of prescribed drugs; observe hygienic rules – to wash hands more frequently; to avoid a visit to places of mass accumulation of people; it cannot be occupied by self-medication.

According to Commission of consumer rights protection by MNE of RK data, since the beginning of the epidemiology season (around October 1, 2015) 667 in vitro confirmed cases of influenza and more than 293 thousand cases of the ARVI registered on January 29. In general, in a republic the level of catarrhal and influenza morbidity does not exceed permissible limits and less than the indicator of a similar period of 2015. 

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