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In 2015 rights of more than 41 thousand employees were protected by the state labor inspectors

In 2015 by the state labor inspectors was discovered in 1216 enterprises of the republic backlog on salary in amount of 42,8 thousand employees more than 5,4 bln. tenge.     

To the managers of these enterprises issued 1151 order, compulsory for implementation and imposed fines more than 108,7 million tenge.

As a result of taken measures including setting of hard schedules and maturities of backlog on salaries, rights of more than 41 thousand employees are protected. 4,9 bln. tenge are paid to them.

Generally in last year 11421 audits were conducted by the state labor inspectors, more than 19 thousand various violations of labor legislation of the RK are revealed and fines of 429 million tenge are imposed. 

Changed on 15 February, 2016 - 17:15
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