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In Kazakhstan will be developed Road map on enhancement of effectiveness the realization of the National inoculation calendar

Head of the Ministry Tamara Duisenova reported about this today in progress of an expanded sitting of the College of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of RK based on the results of activity in 2015 and the forthcoming tasks for 2016.

The minister noted, that throughout the world the vaccination was recognized as the most effective, economical and affordable remedy in struggle against infections. The national prophylactic inoculation calendar of the Republic of Kazakhstan corresponds to recommendations by the World Health Organization (further Cart) and provides for prophylaxis versus 21 of an infectious disease. The immunization of population is administered free and every year more than 8 million people are inoculated. For vaccination will be used vaccines certified by WHO, in other words, guaranteed quality.

At the same time the number of vaccination refusals increased in Kazakhstan, which might negatively impact on an epidemiological situation in the country. In that regard by MHSD RK is developed Road map on enhancement of realization effectiveness of the National inoculation calendar.

«It will envisage the work in the following directions: determination of current problems during a vaccination and discussion of them with the interested parties; stage-by-stage elimination of available defects, and consideration of them at the session of the National Council on health protection of the Government of RK; development and introduction of the National inventory of immunoprophylaxis; implementation of plan for social mobilization of the society in infectious disease prevention and prevention; refinement of system of monitoring and prevention of epidemiological situation in regions», said Tamara Duisenova.

Implementation of this Road map allow to reduce morbidity and mortality from vaccine-controlled infections and create information base of the National list of vaccinated individuals which in its turn monitoring of vaccination coverage will allow to keep. In addition, implementation of Road map will provide monitoring of safety « the cold chain» on transportation and during storage of vaccines and other immunobiological drugs; he will lead to reduction of the number of persons who refused a vaccination and an unfavorable manifestation after immunization.

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