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A year-round system of health improvement for schoolchild will be built in Kazakhstan

Head of the Ministry Tamara Duisenova reported about this today in progress of an expanded sitting of the College of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of RK based on the results of activity in 2015 and the forthcoming tasks for 2016.

The minister informed, that in the framework of the State healthcare development program of RK "Densaulyk" transfer of school medicine from an education system to healthcare system will be envisaged in 2016-2019.

"It is planned to develop the Calendar of sanative events for schoolchild including organization of prophylactic examinations of children, sanative events in a calendar period of the school activity, introduction of health-saving technologies in schools," said Tamara Duisenova.

The minister explained the Calendar of sanative events envisaged improvement of children during all the year: conducting of professional inspections from January to March, formation of groups of health, putting in clinic registration, development of individual plans of rehabilitation; improvement from April to May – sanative events in the agreement of plans; from June to August of schoolchild in school camps and out-of-town camps, implementation of sanatorium-resort treatment; continuation of professional examinations from September to November, formation of groups of health, being put of clinic registration, development of individual plans of rehabilitation; drafting the schedule of professional inspections in December and formation of away crews of professionals.

It is worth emphasizing, that professional inspections and improvement of schoolchild will be carried out directly in educational institutions, but not in organizations of primary health care.

For improvement of schoolchild health-saving technologies will be applied. These are prophylaxis of disorders of bearing and vision, vitaminizing additionally, physiotherapy procedures, use of food for «functional» meals (cultured milk food), oxygen cocktails, and phytodrugs, as well as conducting of physical culture minute, gymnastics for eyes and bearing, respiratory gymnastics.

Special attention will be given to information-clarification work with teachers and parents on issues of disease prevention, proper development and nutrition of schoolchild.

"Health improvement for children in the learning period, as well as in summer vacation time will allow to strengthen schoolchildren health, prevent increase of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, decrease frequency of acute respiratory diseases of the children who often sick, improve vision of pupils and etc.," emphasized Tamara Duisenova.

The completion of the transfer of school medicine from  education system to healthcare system is planned in the second half-year of 2017.

Changed on 18 February, 2016 - 10:42
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