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For larger detection of diseases in the early stage the National screening program will be refined in Kazakhstan

Head of the Ministry Tamara Duisenova reported about this today in progress of an expanded sitting of the College of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of RK based on the results of activity in 2015 and the forthcoming tasks for 2016.

The minister noted, that today there was an insufficiently high detection of diseases level in Kazakhstan, target population groups do not always well form for conducting of screenings, the organizations of primary health care are at insufficient extent provided with medical technique. 

Tamara Duisenova reported for evaluation of the National screening program the working group with involvement of experts of the World Bank would be created.

For improvement of screening organization an algorithm of spending of screening program will be revised, types of screenings are optimized. It is also planned to revise the norms of loads with consideration for equipment of medical organizations with technique and staff resources. In addition, training of medical workers in issues of early detection of diseases will be organized and an information system of accounting and monitoring of persons who underwent screening examinations is created. It all will allow to reduce the level of social-significant diseases, as well as the amount of acuteness and complications.

Today the screenings are posted for revelation of diseases of blood circulation system, cervical cancer and cancer of lactic gland, colorectal cancer, cancer of the esophagus and stomach, liver cancer, cancer of prostate gland, glaucoma, В and С hepatitis.

In addition, since 2013 in 5 oblasts and 2 cities, since 2014 additionally in 4 oblasts-regions with high level of morbidity cancerous of the uterine cervix a vaccination of girls versus is introduced against human papilloma virus.

We remind, that for 7 years since 2008 till 2014 conducted 71 161 32 screening-researches, 16 420 544 people are examined.

Changed on 18 February, 2016 - 10:45
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