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In 2015 more than 97 thousand citizens were covered by the special social services

In 2015 97,2 thousand people were covered by the special social services, 92,1 thousand of them received special social services in 735 government institutions, 5,1 thousand citizens were being served by non-governmental organizations (further NGO). Last year with delivery of special social services in the non-governmental section was occupied 81 NGO.

The special social services are complex of services to persons and families found in a difficult life situation aimed at creation of conditions for overcoming of arisen social problems and provision by them of possibilities of participation in life of the society equal to other citizens.

These services are guaranteed by state and provided free under the next bases: orphan hood, neglect, deviant behavior, disability, inability for self-service in appearance of old age, release of deprivation places of liberty, homelessness, grant of parole, maltreatment.

Special social services are provided with consideration for individual features of an individual requiring them in 8 spheres of person's vital activity: social-domestic, socio-psychological, social-working, social-medical, socio-cultural, social-pedagogical, social-legal and socio-economic one.

One of kinds of special social services are creation alternative forms for boarding house for nursing and person with disability, individual with neuropsychiatric diseases, including children with disorder of functions of the locomotor system.

An actively developing network of departments of day stay is such form of service today for children with disabilities. By the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK the work on its enlargement by the transmission path through outsourcing to the NGO or its private structures will be continued this year. It allowed returning 548 children into families already and placing in job more than 500 parents whose children attend these institutions.

Transformation of medical-social organizations of stationary type into sociality service centre is also planned, which will allow to provide services not only at the expense of budget but on paid basis for other categories of citizens.

On the whole, since the beginning of introduction of delivery system of special social services the number of their receivers increased by 34 % from 72,4 thousand persons in 2009 up to 97,2 thousand persons in 2015.

We will remind you that on February 20, 2015 the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About the ratification of the Convention on rights of disabled persons" was signed by the Head of state. The Plan of measures on issue of rights and improvement of quality of disabled people's life for 2012 – 2018 is adopted by the Government of RK and is being implemented based on stage. Increase of efficiency of rehabilitation and special social services is one of the main directions of this plan. At present around 627 thousand disabled people live in the republic.

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