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The senate adopted the bill "About employment of population" in the first reading

Today at the plenary meeting of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan the deputies of the chamber adopted in the first reading a project of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About employment of population".

This bill is developed in the framework of Nation's Plan - 100 concrete steps on implementation of five institutional reforms of the Head of state and aimed at formation of flexible labour market providing possibility of long-term restructuring and increase of efficiency of economy. During its preparation the fundamental principles of the International Labour Organization are taken into consideration, as well as experience of countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and Commonwealth of independent states is studied.

It is provided by the bill:

1. A transition to international standards of measurement of indicators of labour market which will give opportunity:

- harmonize our statistical data with international standards;

- specify the number of self-employed citizens, at the necessity to render assistance to them to formalization of their activity;

- specify the number of persons occupied with production for the own consumption and deliver targeted state support to them depending on the status stated by them.

2. Change of status assignment procedure of the unemployed with reinforcement of his responsibility. In the beginning of the process the status of person looking for a job is given to the individual person who addressed to the center of employment of population for promotion in job placement. For 10 days assistance in search of suitable job in vacancies available in the market will be rendered to the person looking for a job. If during this time the suitable job is not found, the status of unemployed is assigned to the person, the job seeker is directed for participation in active measures of promotion of employment and assign the participant of social insurance system of social payment on a case of job losing.

The individual job placement map use of which is disseminated in many European countries and member countries of OECD will be developed by the center of employment of population for unemployed.

3. Increase of terms of welfare benefits from 4 to 6 months at the mass, in other words, bankruptcy liberalization of workers or during the discontinuation of the activity of enterprise, reduction of number or staff, at the dismissal on the economic grounds in compliance with the new Labour Code in case of job losing.

Additionally to these measures as for the persons of which behind which the payments to the Government fund of social insurance and for persons were being transferred payments are absent, provides:  provision of free advice and vocational guidance; directing for training with full recovery of costs for educational services, repayment of scholarship and financial aid including compensation of expense for residence and passage; sending up to 6 months for youth practice with full subsidizing of remuneration of labour at the expense of means of budget; job placement to social jobs with subsidizing before the year 1 of the wage of up to 35 % of amount of remuneration of labour established by an employer (but not below of minimum wage); delivery of targeted social aid if income of person or per each family member does not exceed established amount of the poverty line; transfer of contributions to system of social mandatory health insurance at the expense of state.

For receipt of presented kinds of social support between unemployed and job centre the social contract where the state is assuming an obligation to provide social support and direct for participation in program of promotion of employment and the unemployed – receiving a profession will be made, he will participate in youth practice, it will work at social works, etc.

The targeted social aid will be disbursed only during participation in active measures of promotion of employment.

4. Definition for each type of active measures of promotion on employment of priority category persons. At the same time the bill envisages delivery of separate types of active measures to students and pupils of senior school during summer vacation, as well as to employees in time of enterprise idleness for the reasons of the bankruptcy or discontinuation of the activity of enterprise, reduction of number or staff, dismissal on the economic grounds.

5. Equalization of regional differences in the job market. A new measure is provided, making more active of voluntary relocation for job placement of persons from towns with low potential of socio-economic development to towns with high potential with consideration for an employer's requirement, as well as to regions defined by the Government of the RK in the framework of regional quota of admission of settlers in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About migration of population".

6. For exclusion of duplication of functions of population employment centre and employment department and social programs all the authorities on dispatch of citizens for active measures of promotion of employment, including for public works are transferred to population employment centre. Their activity will be built on the principle of «one window» by the analogy with PSC and aimed at spending of active interaction with employers, private employment agencies.

Participation of employers in implementation of state employment policy and trade unions in development of normative legal acts on issues of employment of population is also regulated by the bill.

Passing of bill will not entail negative socio-economic costs of even financial implications from the state budget.

Changed on 3 March, 2016 - 12:27
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