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Annually Kazakhstan economy receives $1,1 bn tat the expense of labour migrants – А. Sarbasov - www.inform.kz, February 26, 2016

Annually Kazakhstan economy receives 1,1 bln. US dollars at the expense of labour migrants. About it reported today chief state labour  inspector of the RK Akmadi Sarbasov in the course of round table devoted to issues of migration in Central Asia.

"In accordance with data the UN ESCAP, Kazakhstan economy receives  at a minimum 0,57% of GDP or 1,1 bln. currency units a year at the expense of labour migrants," said A. Sarbasov.

Inter alia, in his words, the labour migrants are creating in the country housing, service of sphere of public health, and broad spectrum of commercial services demand.

"However, practice shows the operating procedures are not always attractive to employers and migrants themselves. Serious and unfavorable for state consequences of not recorded labour migration, expansions of shadow sector of economy, deformation of the domestic labour market, shortfall of the tax budget follow hence," noted A. Sarbasov.

Above all, as the state inspector general of labour as RK noted, rights of the not registered migrants, work conditions of which remain beyond the sight of labour legislation of the republic remain unprotected. 


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