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In Kazakhstan the morbidity by hepatitis "V" has decreased more than 19 times in 10 years

A vaccination against viral "V" hepatitis is introduced to the children from the first days of life (3 doses up to 1 year), medical workers and persons who received blood transfusion in Kazakhstan since 1998. In the result of taken measures the rate of morbidity by acute viruses hepatitis "V" is decreased in 19,8 times (up 65,6 in 100 thousand population in 2005 to 3,3 in 2015).

Since 2011 citizens, who sick with chronic "В" and "С" hepatitis receive antiviral therapy in the framework of guaranteed volume of free medical care at the expense of means of the republican budget. From 2011 to 2015 more than 15 bln. tenge (2,05 bln. tenge for children's treatment, 12,9 bln. tenge for adult treatment) are allocated for the antiviral therapy.

Survey and treatment of patients with chronic viral hepatitis are carried out in 16 hematology centers. In 2013 MHSD RK provided all hematology centres by apparatus of fibroscanning of liver for determination of severity of viral hepatitis (the degree of fibrosis).

We will remind you, that viral "В" and "С" hepatitis belongs to the List of socially significant diseases and diseases presenting danger for surrounding people. In accordance with the List survey and treatment of viral "V" and "С" hepatitis are conducted free.

For purposes of revelation, as well as decrease of risk of the dissemination of infection survey at arriving for hospitalization to hospitals (to planned operations) is conducted for markers of viral hepatitis of "V" and "С" of citizens; patients of centers and departments of hemodialysis, hematology, oncology, transplantation, of Cardiovascular and pulmonary Surgery and medical workers.

For refinement of rendering medical care to people, patients of viral hepatitis, by MHSD RK is introducing new technologies of diagnostics and treatment in accordance with international protocols; training of gastroenterologists and infectious disease specialists of organizations of primary health care on issues of prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatments are conducting; issue of registration of modern antiviral new generation drugs are considering; legislative base for issues of rendering of medical aid is refining.

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