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The analysts of MHSD RK conducted a survey of 6 thousand employers for determination of the requirement in personnel

The experts of Information-analysis center for problems of employment of MHSD RK (further IAC PE) jointly with representatives of the National chamber of undertakers of "Atameken" conduct a survey of employers for determination of the requirement in personnel from the point of view on industries and regions of the republic. At present they have already completed the survey of around 6 thousand of managers of enterprises. In total it is planned to cover more than 8 thousand Kazakh employers, the results of survey will be summed up in April of this year.

Also in the first quarter of 2016 the specialists of IAC PE plan to complete the development of five-year old forecast of demanded specialties in the job market until 2021.  

For example, in 2015 for the first time a survey of more than 3700 employers was conducted for determination of the requirement in personnel from the point of view on professions and activities. Based on its results it was found out specialties of low and medium qualification accounted for more than 95% of demand of employers. At the same time around 90% of managers of enterprises having difficulties with filling of vacancies explain it by either absence of personnel with necessary qualification or low level of its qualification.

According to IAC PE data, in accordance with world trends in the future growth of demand for professionals with high qualification is expected in Kazakhstan. But the major share of the employed ones will be concentrated in a service industry under a condition of reduction of farm employment and stable industrial employment. 

At the same time increase in population in regional terms will be uneven. By the end of the decade, during maintaining current trends, amplification of an imbalance in the labour market from the point of view on regions is expected. The difference between supply and demand for labour will create labour shortage in the region of Northern Kazakhstan, Kostanay and region of East Kazakhstan and its surplus in South Kazakhstan labour, Kyzylordinskoi, and Mangistauskoi.  

In the present time of MZSR Kazakhstan measures are taken on removal of an imbalance in the labour market. Work on increase of labour population mobility, in particular, is being done (stimulation of a move of citizens from labour excessive regions in labor deficiency), and a number of events in the framework of a system of staff training and retraining of personnel is also held.

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