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The Community council on interaction with the civil society is created in MHSD RK

The Community council of the number of the representatives of MHSD RK and Kazakh public of which expression of opinion of the civil society on socially significant issues, accountability of public bodies to population and improvement of interaction with the civil society are the aim which formed in the (further MHSD RK) Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK.

MHSD RK assigned to the authorities of the Community council: consideration discussion of execution of budget programs of an administrator of budget programs, strategic plans, government and government programs achievement of target indicators, plan of revenue and expenditure of money from sale of goods (works, services) performance, charity money's arriving, and money expenditure reports of executive bodies participation in development and discussion of projects of normative legal acts relating to civil rights, liberties, and responsibilities consideration of appeals of natural persons and legal entities on issues of refinement of public administration and organization of transparent work of machineries of the state including observance of the standards of service ethics and including others.

Composition of the Community council of MHSD RK which accommodated the Executive secretary of MHSD RK, the heads of departments of MHSD RK, and the representatives of the NGO is approved on February 26 of this year by order of the Minister of Health and Social Development. 

Changed on 11 March, 2016 - 20:15
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