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In the framework of the republic action "Mangilik El" Train" over 12 thousand citizens received medical advice

In the framework of holding of the republic action "Mangilik El" train" devoted to 25 jubilees of the Independence of Kazakhstan, 12 thousand 78 citizens were examined by the doctors, 6 thousand 435 people of it are up to 18 years old children from 12 regions of the republic.

One of the aims of republic action is delivery by an available highly qualified one of medical care to population.

Since the beginning of its holding 486 people were directed to republican medical organizations for receipt of high-tech and specialized medical care.

A docent of the internship and residents Department of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, d.m.s.  Nurlan Baltabekov held a master class per theme "Algorithm of early detection of malignant tumors at the level of primary health care" for 147 medical upper and secondary level workers in years. Karaganda, Balkhash and Zyryanovsk.

Also in a train works a mobile brigade of the Republican center of sanitary aviation.

Today the "Mangilik El" train arrived to town Zhanatas-Zhambyl oblast.

We will remind you the all-republic action "Mangilik El" train" devoted to 25 jubilees of the Independence of Kazakhstan started on February 15 and will end in Almaty on the 18 of March of c.y.

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