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In Kazakhstan level of epidemic parotitis morbidity continues to decrease

Thanks to broad vaccination coverage of population in recent 20 years level of morbidity epidemic parotitis in Kazakhstan has decreased manyfold to 160. In 2 months of the current year the number of diseases has decreased by population's 100 thousand by 25% (of 8 chances) in comparison to a year earlier period in 2 months of 2015, 6 chances of population's 100 thousand – in 2 months in the year 2016. 

Epidemic parotitis in a people is called «mumps». The disease is caused by the virus unstable in external medium which is transmitting in air-drop way. Infecting can also occur through objects of use, toys infected by a patient's saliva. Frequently erased forms of a disease are observed. In this case the patients are especially dangerous for surrounding people. Children in the age from 3 to 15 years are susceptible to infecting, but even adults can be sick.

The disease, as a rule, comes on sharply. A patient's general health is worsening, demand is reducing, chills and headache appear. The children are complaining about pain during open of the mouth, a chew, as well as about dryness in the mouth. Often parotid salivary glands, as well as ones under jaws and the tongue are hit. Increased body temperature remains during 5-7 days.

Infecting with epidemic parotitis often leads to severe complications. Lesions of the pancreases (one), glands (thyroid one), glands (sex glands etc.) of an organism, nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis) etc. relate to them. Testicle diabetes, obesity, atrophy, and infertility at the men's, atrophy of ovaries, infertility, disturbance of menstrual function in women can be the consequences of a tolerated disease.

A vaccination is the main method of prevention of children's disease. At present the combined vaccines which contain loosened rubella, measles, epidemic parotitis viruses established themselves well as for it to be said, «in one vial».

The refusal to be vaccinated can lead infection susceptible persons to stockpiling and cause outbreaks of a disease.

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