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Sale of medical drugs by the prescription is not innovation

Sale of medical drugs by the prescription is not innovation

Sale of drug substance in drugstores of Kazakhstan by doctor's prescription is not new requirement of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK (further MHSD RK). The prohibition, which acting more than 12 years on sale of prescription drugs without prescription is aimed at prohibition of uncontrolled use of drug substance which can lead to threat to health and life of citizens.

The list of medical drugs being marketed by the prescription was confirmed in 2004 by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About drug remedies". At present the issue of implementation of medicine means is regulated by the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About health of population and healthcare system" dated 2009. As at January 1, 2016 in Kazakhstan were  registered 7713 names of drug substances, 5871 of them sell by the prescription of physician (76% of the total amount of medical drugs registered in Kazakhstan), without prescription - 1842.

The list of drug remedies, sold by the prescription, include: antimicrobial and hormone drugs; drug substance containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; medical drugs for treatment of cardiovascular diseases; drug remedies for treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and etc.

Without physician's prescription, marketing: vitamins, drops into the nose, syrups, herbal teas, and collections, some anti-cold and anesthetic drugs.

The survey of Astana residents  conducted by specialists of territory department of the Committee of control of medicine and pharmacy activity MHSD RK (further KKMPA) in 2015 showed at the choice of medical drug 51% of residents of Astana consult with pharmacists, 18% with relatives and acquaintances, 12% - make a decisionby self and only 19% - consult with physicians.

Meanwhile, in the drugstores of Germany around 80% of medical drugs are sold by the prescriptions written out only in the territory of the EU. The doctor writes out a prescription on drug remedy only after complete survey. In Germany it is not worth trying to persuade a pharmacist to sell some or other drug without prescription. Such system prevents self-medication and uncontrolled intake of potent drugs.

Error at the independent choice of medicine, a dose, form of introduction, the duration of treatment probability reaches 80%.

Scale of consequences of irrational use of medicine means and self-medication is threatening – this is, first of all, addressing to the physician's untimely, high risk of complications of diseases and side effects of medical drugs such as poisoning, increase of dependence, reduction of susceptibility of organism to some or other drug, etc.

For example, the antibiotics which the best achievements of medicine and saved million of lives can become the cause of allergic reaction, severe forms of bronchial asthma, serious heart, kidney, liver diseases, children's congenital malformations during unintelligent administration.

In addition, uncontrolled application of antibiotics leads to the fact that the microorganisms rapidly exhaust resistance to them. The World Health Organization (further WHO) assesses this trend as a global problem which requires taking of significant measures, including rightness of prescription and use of antibiotics.

Taking into consideration recommendations of WHO, as well as increase of uncontrolled use of prescription medical drugs and implications of it, MHSD RK activated an informational-explanatory work with medical and pharmacy officers about the necessity of observance of operational requirements on prescription and implementation of medicine means with population – about risks of irresponsible self-medication.

For example, since the beginning of 2016 the project "Astana chooses health!" is initiated in the capital of Kazakhstan. In the framework of its implementation the specialists of the territorial department of KKMPA, healthcare administration, and Pharmacy association of Astana held the meetings with physicians and pharmacists at which the issues of observance of operational rules of sale of medical drugs by the prescriptions were discussed. In the city polyclinics and drugstores information posters are placed for population. Other regions of the republic as well supported this initiative.

For simplification the procedure of writing the prescriptions of MHSD RK will be changed a scheme of their receipt. Physicians will discharge a prescription for preference medicines for clinic patients with chronic diseases one time a quarter (90%) and patients with severe diseases receiving costly drugs monthly (10%). The drugstores will make registration and provisioning of drug remedies meeting the month requirement to patients on basis of prescriptions issued with it. At the same time all the procedure of receipt of preference medicines will be automated.

The above-mentioned measures will allow to significantly deteriorate turns in polyclinics, reduce load on medical staff, reduce circulation of documents in paper.

We will remind you, that since January 2013 in all the regions of the republic was introduced the drug support automated information system allowing to track in a real time mode writing by physicians of prescriptions, actual receipt by each patient of prescribed drugs, keep monitoring of drug provision of patients in accordance with guaranteed volume of free medical care (further GVFMC). In 2016 inclusion in electronic prescription for drug substance not entering with GVFMC circulation of documents is planned in a pilot mode.


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