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Kazakhstan takes the first place in the rating of the World economic forum on the indicator of GCI on HIV prevalence

Kazakhstan takes the first place in the rating of the World economic forum on the indicator of GCI on HIV prevalence

Thanks to systemic work on prophylaxis, diagnostics, and treatment of HIV infection undertaken in Kazakhstan in years of independence in republic the spreading of HIV in the concentrated stage i.e. among vulnerable population groups was limited. As at January 1 of this year 17 726 persons living with infection HIV (further PLH) are registered in the country. During recent two years in the rating of the World economic forum "Infection HIV prevalence among population in the age of 15-49 years" on the indicator of Global competitiveness index Kazakhstan with the rate 0,18% belongs to group of countries taking the first place.

Today all modern methods of treatment of HIV infection and drugs recommended by the World Health Organization are used in Kazakhstan. Since 2009 antiretroviral treatment (further Art) is conducted at the expense of state funds in the framework of guaranteed volume of free medical care, children receive only brand medicines. New ART effectiveness and drug resistance control technologies are introduced. Undertaken work allowed to increase the number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy from 233 in 2005 to 6285 people  in 2015, i.e. 27 times. Thus the rate of PLH, antiretroviral therapy coverage was 79,3% from total amount requiring this type of treatment (7929 PLH).

As a result of increase of availability of ART a trend on reduction of the rate of PLH mortality from AIDS with 16,1 per 1000 PLH in 2005 till 9 in 2015, which is  contributing improvement of quality of their life.

In the country for the purpose of prophylaxis of the transmission of HIV from mother to child ARV-prophylaxis is undertaken for pregnant HIV positive women and newborns who were born from HIV – positive mothers. Coverage of pregnant women increased by from 66% in 2005 up to 95% in 2015 of newborns from 81% in 2005 to 99,7% in 2015. All the children born from HIV-infected mothers are being provided with free milk formulae for feeding. Significant reduction of the level of the transmission of HIV from the mother to child from 8,4% in 2007 to 1,9% in 2015 is result of carried out events.

 For children's effective treatment the specialized rehabilitation centre "Mother and child" functions in the South Kazakhstan oblast. For the purpose of refinement of rendering the advisory-diagnostic aid of PLH the achievements of telemedicine are used.

Introduction of prophylactic programs in penal system allowed to decrease the number of intra-institution cases of infecting with HIV infection among prisoners in 1,9 times.

For representatives of vulnerable population groups (the drug users, sex workers, men having sex with men) prophylactic programs from 2001 are being implemented at the expense of means of international donors and since 2010 – at the expense of gradual transition to government funding. An integrated packet of services of 11 views of assistance is introduced (counseling, testing per HIV, the syringe exchange and giving, provisioning of condoms, informational-educational material, provision of antiretroviral therapy, treatment and diagnostics of infections transmitted sexually). In 10 cities of the republic in the pilot regime program is carried out opioid substitution therapy for HIV prevention.

Kazakhstan is the only country in the Central-Asian region where determination of drug HIV resistance to antiretroviral drugs is conducted for patients with ineffective treatment. It allows the treating physicians to change the treatment methodology in time for enhancement of its effectiveness.

We will remind you, that first case of HIV infection was recorded in Kazakhstan in 1987. As at December 31, 2015 in the republic are registered 26690 cases of HIV infection, including, 1705 foreigners, 24427 Kazakh, 558 anonymously examined persons.


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