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The international experts gave a high mark to results of implementation of State healthcare development program by "Salamatty Kazakhstan"

The international experts gave a high mark to results of implementation of State healthcare development program by "Salamatty Kazakhstan"

The experts of the World Bank conducted positive assessment of implementation of all directions of the Government healthcare development program by RK "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015.

Measures on reinforcement of prophylactic orientation of medicine, perfection of a sanitary-epidemiological service and organization, management, and funding of medical care received the highest mark of international experts.

In the period of implementation of State program all 8 target indicators are achieved: reduced significant of maternal (in 1,8 times) and infantile mortality (in 1,8 times), reduced tuberculous morbidity (in 1,6 times) and mortality from the major social-significant diseases: From diseases of blood circulation system (in 2 times), from malignant tumors (to 15%), traumas, and poisonings (to 21%). They will achieve a rate for reduction of total mortality (plan - 7,62, fact 7,52 to 1000 population).

The main results of the State programs are:

1. Implementation of 7 interintersectoral programs of joint and several liability.

2. Implementation of the National screening program, including surveys in 9 nosologies.

3. Stable epidemiological situation on the majority of infectious diseases provided with timely immunization of population from 21 vaccine-controlled infections.

4. Introduction of express surveys based on the determination of microbiological indicators and chemical substances, surveys of subjects modified of genes for the purpose of provision of safety of food production meeting WTO's requirements.

5.  Introduction of basic principles of the Unified national system of healthcare (further UNSH) at inpatient level is a free choice by patient of hospital, formation of competitive environment of rendering the medical services, transparency of the process of rendering the medical services, funding of medical organizations in final result depending on volume, the quality, and result of rendered medical services.

6. Development of master plan projects based on the restructuring of network of hospital organizations of oblasts till 2025.

7. Introduction of international indicators are evaluations of results of scientific research in the field of healthcare, created Republican center of independent estimate of knowledge and skills of graduates of higher schools and practitioners and etc.

We remind, that on January 15, 2016 Head of state approved the Government development of healthcare of Kazakhstan of "Densaulyk" program for 2016-2019 which became a logic extension to the State program "Salamatty Kazakhstan". 


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