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The World day of arterial hypertension is being celebrated in Kazakhstan

The World day of arterial hypertension is being celebrated in Kazakhstan

Since 11 till 12 May in the regions of Kazakhstan will host the events, devoted to the World day of arterial hypertension, the key objective of which is increase of population's awareness about prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of this disease.

By the assessments of the World Health Organization (further - WHO), hypertension is developing on 40% of adult people in the world which is the cause of more than nine million fatal cases annually. Up to 80 % of premature deaths can be prevented with help of control of behavioral risk factors: tobacco, unhealthy food intake, low physical activity, excessive body mass.

Population's insufficient awareness about arterial hypertension leads to underestimation of the extent of severity of this disease, low negotiability helping to doctors in the early stage of disease when it is able to prevent serious complications.

For increase of awareness of citizens about this disease and its prophylaxis in regions of the republic in the places of mass accumulation of people (population service centers, trading houses and etc.) will host actions with determination of the level of blood glucose, measurement of arterial pressure and pulse, determination of body mass index and dissemination of informational-educational materials; in the organizations of primary medical-sanitary care (further PMSC) open days will be organized with involvement of cardiologists, physicians, and neuropathologists.

In addition, for medical officers of PMSC education workshops and trainings will be conducted on issues of prophylaxis of arterial hypertension. In the schools of arterial hypertension and behavioral risk factors a class on training to methodologies of self-control and self-development of individual reserve possibilities of organism, formation of the healthy lifestyle.

Involvement of attention of the society in resolution of problems related with development of arterial hypertension will allow to conduct effective cardiovascular disease being complications of arterial hypertension prevention.

We remind, that on the WHO initiative the World day of arterial hypertension is celebrated throughout the world annually on second Saturday of May. 

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