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A labor code comment book is presented in Kazakhstan

A labor code comment book is presented in Kazakhstan

Today in Almaty took place the presentation of book "Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan". An itemized practical comment», issued by Republican research institute for labor protection of MHSD RK together with LLP "MCFR - Kazakhstan".

In the work over putting a comment book took part the leading experts of various spheres of labor relationship having great practical experience in their field, doctors and doctors of sciences, practitioners and lawyers, employees of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK, specialists of the republican SRI on labor protection.

The book was presented by Director General of the Republican research institute on labor protection of the MHSD RK, academician, doctor of engineering sciences, professor, Head of author group Serikkali Bisakayev.

He noted, that in the edition presents clear commentaries to the norms of the new labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to changes and supplements introduced to other normative legal acts regulating issues of labor relationship, labor safety and protection as at April 29, 2016.

"The contingency approach to statement of material provides to reader a possibility for reader to master basics of labor legislation and translate law provisions and norms of law into language of practical action," Serikkali Bisakayev emphasized.

We remind, that new Labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan entered into force since January 1, 2016. Recruitment, personnel relocation, dismissal, terms and conditions definition and employee labor's payment procedures are simplified by the document for the employers. At the same time basic labor guarantees and rights of workers with a possibility of their expansion through made individual, collective agreements and agreements, as well as instruments of protection of worker's rights and interests are enshrined. Role of labor unions in provision of rights and the interests of employees are expanded. 

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