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In Almaty hosted IX convention of obstetricians – gynecologists of Kazakhstan

In Almaty hosted IX convention of obstetricians – gynecologists of Kazakhstan

Today in Almaty hosted IX convention of obstetricians – gynecologists of Kazakhstan – with participation of Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK Tamara Duisenova, the deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the National commission on women's affairs and familial-demographic policy in the time of the President of Kazakhstan, the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology, and perinatology, labor union of medical officers, healthcare administrations and etc.

Opening a work of forum, Tamara Duisenova noted, that in the framework of two State programs implemented since 2005 till 2015 had been undertaken large-scale modernization of healthcare system. In the therapeutic process began to actively apply new technologies; national screening program allowing to reveal diseases in early stages are introduced; the Unified national healthcare system functions. Registers of women of reproductive age, pregnant women and patients being in critical state are produced. For adequate and fast rendering of necessary aid was adopted scheme of notification and algorithm of actions.

At present time a service of family planning functions. Volumes of ambulatory-polyclinic assistance are increasing, resource-saving technologies are being introduced. Specialized maternity hospitals and children's hospitals, perinatal and neonatal centers are created; restructuring of organizations of obstetrics and childhood is undertaken, up-to-date international perinatal technologies are being introduced.

"By result of undertaken works became the fact that coefficient of birthrate has increased in recent 10 years 47%, i.e. from 12 to 1000 of population in 2003 to 23,5 in 2013. The interdepartmental expert group on maternal mortality gave a high mark to achievements and taken measures on reduction of maternal mortality and Kazakhstan noted in its Global report based on the results of 2015 among 10 countries of World from 149 countries", - the Minister informed.

She also reported, that in the framework of the new State program on Development of Healthcare Development of RK "Densaulyk" for 2016-2019 would be introduced integrated model of rendering of medical care in five nosologies, one of which state of pregnancy and perinatology.

  "This work is already begun, its ideology lies in the following. At first, deepening of regionalization of rendering of medical care will be provided. The obstetrics service must start not with the lying-in hospital of the district which today is the first level, but with the organizations of primary healthcare which must be baseline level for all the service. With respect to women of reproductive age we must provide timely professional examinations, screening and begin health improvement with consideration for their condition and prevention of pregnancy with absolute contraindications. Secondly, interaction of specialized services will be reinforced. It refers in the first place to cardio service, the anti-tuberculosis service, the service of struggle against HIV/AIDS and of course an ambulance," Tamara Duisenova explained.

  The minister added, that integrated model of rendering of medical aid in pregnancy and in perinatology also envisaged development of service of anesthesiology and resuscitation in obstetrics, active international cooperation for transfer to domestic practice of technologies of intensive therapy of immediate states in obstetrics; creation of the Center of the best reproductive health practices on the base of the Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology, and perinatology; deterioration of staff shortage at the expense of system change of retraining of acute deficiency specialties (neonatology, anesthesiology and reanimatology) by conducting of short-term courses of retraining when there is job seniority; standardization of medical services through standard operation procedures, the standards of organization of medical care, clinical protocols of diagnostics and treatment.

In the course of convention Tamara Duisenova presented Letter of Appreciation on behalf of President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev to the doctor of medical sciences, professor, Honored scientific figure of RK, Laureate of the President's peace and spiritual concord prize, first honored head of the Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology Nina Kayupova.

We remind, the obstetric-gynecological service in Kazakhstan is represented by 30 maternity hospitals, 19 perinatal centers, 375 departments of oblast, city, central regional hospital, 759 female consultations and polyclinic cabinets. More than 4 thousand gynecologist-obstetrician doctors work in the country.

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