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Introduction in Kazakhstan the integrated model of obstetrics service and childhood will allow to reduce the infant mortality rate

Introduction in Kazakhstan the integrated model of obstetrics service and childhood will allow to reduce the infant mortality rate

Director of the National healthy lifestyle formation problem center of MHSD RK (further HLS Center) Zhamilya Battakova reported about this today at the briefing "About introduction course of integrated model of obstetrics service and childhood, rendering of medical care during acute myocardial infarction and oncological diseases".

In the beginning of her appearance she noted, that one of the main directions of State healthcare development program for 2016-2019 "Densaulyk" is formation of integrated model rendering medical care by major socially - significant, non-infectious disease and disease significantly affecting demography of population of the country: acute myocardial infarction, acute disorder of cerebral circulation (stroke), malignant tumors, traumas, pregnancy and obstetrics.

«All the series of services will be rendered in the framework of integrated model of rendering medical aid: prophylaxis, therapeutic events including rehabilitation, clinical observation, Healthcare and Social services. By each block are created action plans, the Coordinating council is confirmed, standards of provision of integrated medical care aimed at provision of its completeness, quality assurance and provision of continuity at all levels of healthcare system on basis of coordinated role of primary healthcare were designed (further PMSP)," Zhamilya Battakova informed.

Role and accountability of republican clinics, scientific centers and research institutes in  respect to monitoring, provision of effectiveness of rendering medical care and quality assurance at all levels in the framework of their profile are strengthened.

"The services requiring complex technology plants and specialists with high qualification will be centralized at interdistricts, regional level and republican level. And the services which do not need the complex technology tasks will be provided in medical organizations in the place of residence. "Thus, introduced mechanism of patient traffic routing with purpose of improvement of service quality, reduction of waiting time, destination exclusions unfounded diagnostic and treatment techniques", - Director of HLS Center added.

In addition, integrated model of rendering medical care in a republic will provide observation of the family during all the life cycle from family planning, birth before elderly age.

"For example, Service of obstetrics must start not with the district maternity hospital, but with the PMSP organizations which must be basic level for all the service. The theme is about family planning, responsible parenthood. Timely conducting of screening surveys must be provided and health improvement with consideration for their condition in respect of children – vaccination with respect to strengthening of health of working population – must be begun with respect to women of reproductive age – professional inspections. These are preliminary professional examinations at placement to job, mandatory periodic professional examinations, screening and clinic professional inspections. The prophylactic medical inspections by 10-15% are increasing detection of chronic diseases  and in the result are reducing average term of temporary disability by 30%. Such approach will allow to reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality, to increase detection of diseases in the early stage and the level of population health in general," Zhamilya Battakova emphasized.

We remind, in the period of implementation of the State healthcare development program of RK "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015 decreased rates of mortality (in 1,8 times) and childish mortality (in 1,8 times), tuberculous morbidity (in 1,6 times) and mortality from the major social-significant diseases: from diseases of blood circulation system (in 2 times), malignant tumors (by 15%), traumas and poisonings (by 21%). Rate for reduction of total mortality is achieved (plan - 7,62, fact 7,52 to populations of 1000).

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