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The student quotas of Astana Medical University for independence years have increased by 36,4%

The student quotas of Astana Medical University for independence years have increased by 36,4%

The student quotas of JSC "Astana Medical University" (further AMU) since 1991 untill 2016 increased by 36,4% from 2893 to 4552 people.  

In the first year of creation of Tselinograd state medical institute in October 1964 in the only faculty by specialty "Therapeutic business" educated in total 400 students.

Today AMU is one of the great and dynamically developing medical University of the country, has good reputation in sphere of higher medical education, development of medical science and clinical activity.

In the University operates developed system of continuous education which includes training before higher school education (preparatory courses on 5 disciplines: History of Kazakhstan, mathematics, biology, Russian, Kazakh language); higher prediploma by 6 specialties of baccalaureate; postgraduate by 26 specialties of residency, 5 specialties of master course, 3 specialties of Phd doctorate; additional professional by 56 specialties.

In faculties of AMU today study 4552 students, 1489 interns, 300 residents, 87 master's degree candidates and 59 doctoral candidates, including 127 foreign students from 10 countries of the world (Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, China, Mongolia). More than 3 thousand students annually learn in chairs for faculty of continuous professional development and additional education.

In the framework of introduction of the principles of the Bologna process since 2011 in the university develops international academic mobility, as a result on cooperation about memorandums in the field of healthcare, medical education and science with medical University of Kazakhstan and the foreign countries. This is I.M. Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, Novosibirsk State Medical University, Tyumen State Medical Academy (Russia); David Tvildiani Medical University (Georgia); Sumy State University, Zaporozhye State Medical University (Ukraine); Vilnius University, Klaipeda University (Lithuania); "Sapienza – Università di Roma" (Italy); the Medical University of Vienna (Austria); Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland); National Biomedical Innovative Institute (Japan) and Medicine faculty of Mansur university (Egypt).

New methodological approaches of training such as socio-psychological support and early vocational guidance are introduced in the higher school; test panels with deep study of English and special disciplines. Issue of European annex to diploma is being realized. Since 2012 e-learning has been developing. In the educational institution functions the system of international distance learning (MOODLE) where the late achievements in this field are used.

In 2013 AMU successfully completed a procedure of the national institutional accreditation as well as in the framework of the state program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" – national specialized accreditation of educational programs of baccalaureate for the specialties "Dentistry", "Medicine-prevention act", «Pharmacy», «General medicine», "Nursing care"; graduate schools for the specialties "Medicine", "Medicine-prophylactic studies", "Public healthcare"; doctorate courses for the specialties "Medicine", "Public healthcare" and international specialized accreditation of educational programs of MBA in the hospital office and educational program of baccalaureate for the specialty "Public healthcare" in the agency for accreditation of ACQUIN (Germany).

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