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MHSD RK begun on realization on phase III of the action plan to promote the rights and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities

MHSD RK begun on realization on phase III of the action plan to promote the rights and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities

MHSD RK begun on realization on phase III of the action plan to promote the rights and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2012-2018 years approved by the Government of the RK in order to implement the Law of the RK on February 20, 2015 "about ratification of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities".

The main objective of the plan is improving the accessibility of facilities and services in all aspects of life of persons with disabilities. The document envisages:

1. Improved national legislation. In the framework of this direction is planned to consider the development of Bill on change of the definitions and indicators of disability, aimed at excluding discrimination based on disability. Also will be considered questions on the implementation of training program for social workers of integrated approach to work with the recipient of the services, the introduction of uniform requirements to technical support (compensatory) means of rehabilitation. Proposals will be developed to introduce a mechanism for refurbishment of dwellings for disabled persons.

2. Continuation of the work to ensure the accessibility of social infrastructure and transport for persons with disabilities.

3. The adoption of measures on prophylaxis and prevention of disability. In the framework of this direction it is planned to monitoring on key indicators of the health of children, employable population, older people. Proposals will be developed to improve dynamic monitoring for the state of health of persons with disabilities; rating regions formed by intensive indicator of disability, rehabilitating; suggestions on the development of global systems criteria for identifying disability.

In addition, there are provides organization of delivery to home rehabilitation funds (except for prosthetic and orthopedic products) with disabilities living in remote villages; conducting oral-aural adaptation of children with hearing impairment and replacement services and configuring speech processors to cochlear implants.

4. Further development of inclusive education. It is planned gradual provision of textbooks for visually impaired children with integrated print and Braille; revision of curricula for special (corrective) schools with a focus on obtaining profession; review of approaches to the provision of social and educational services in the medico-social institutions; creating barrier-free access for students with special educational needs.

5. Improving the conditions for the provision of specialized social services. Provides development of network of social houses of small capacity and social services centers; placement of State social order on the special social services; online support service organization to provide psychological support and advice for parents raising children with disabilities.

6. Employment of persons with disabilities. Provides for the introduction of subsidies for special jobs and setting job quotas; proposals for the Organization of production practices; exploring the possibility of teaching people over 29 years at the enterprises of Kazakh society of blind and deaf Kazakh society.

7. Ensuring the accessibility of culture objects, sports objects and facilities for persons with disabilities; organization of district, oblast and republican sports competitions among the disabled persons; preparation and participation of disabled athletes in international competitions.

8. Formation of positive attitude of society towards people with disabilities. In the framework of this direction is planned to place informational videos on creation of barrier-free areas for disables persons on TV channels, media coverage support issues and adaptation of persons with disabilities in society. 

Implementation of this plan will ensure equal rights and opportunities for life and the integration of disabled persons into society, have a positive impact on Kazakhstan's international image as a democratic State whose highest values are human beings and their rights and freedoms.

On the implementation of the plan is provided funds from the State budget to the amount of 20.4 billion tenge, including 17.5 billion tenge from republican budget 2.9 billion tenge from local budgets.

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