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The kazakh employers need in technical specialists of average qualification

The kazakh employers need in technical specialists of average qualification

About it announced today at briefing of MHSD, devoted to the results of the survey of employers to determine staffing needs, informed the President of JSC "Information-analytical center on employment problems of MHSD RK» (further - " IAC EP) Daulet Argandykov.

 At the outset, it is recalled that in the year 2015, in conjunction with the National Chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken" was first conducted a survey of more than 3700 employers to determine staffing requirements in terms of trades and occupations.

"In this year the number of exhibitors was greatly expanded, which positively affected to the representativeness and reliability of the survey results. Only in 2016 have been questioning more than 7 thousand kazakh employers with a total staff of more than 880 thousand people "informed Daulet Argandykov. 

According to the results of the poll estimate need in workers in 2016 constitute 134 thousand people. The main demand is accounted for  employees in the service sector, such as trade, financial and insurance activities real estate activities. In the real sector of the economy, the aggregate demand for personnel is estimated at 49 thousand people, nearly half of them are required in agriculture. In industry the main demand for workers expected by the manufacturing industry and in the manufacture of clothing and shoes, as well as wood products. Enterprises of this sphere together could increase the number of employees by more than 10%.

President of IAC EP emphasize that thanks to the implementation of state programs, including the "Road map of employment 2020" and Road map of business 2020", stimulated by the development of the private sector.

"If in the past years the main source of demand for labor resources was the state secretary, but in this year 80% of falls in the private sector," said Daulet Argandykov.

In terms of regions the greatest need in personnel have on Almaty, South Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan oblasts, as well as cities. Astana and Almaty (60% of the total). Thus, total demand for these oblasts are 60.8 thousand. workers, cities of Astana and Almaty-20.9 thousand people.

In a branch cut, the main demand generators are 5 branches:

-nearly a third of the requirements (42 thousand people) comes from businesses engaged in trade, finance and real estate;

-17% of demand (23 thousand people) comes from agricultural enterprises;

-12% of needs (16.3 thousand people) comes on the organization of education sphere;

-10% (13.6 thousand people)-from construction companies;

enterprises need 12.2 thousand workers, which consists 9% of the needs.

"Based on analysis of survey data, the biggest demand in the Republic will benefit from technical workers of average skills - needs for them is 57.1 thousand people or 43% of total demand in the country. Also high employers ' needs for workers with low qualifications or no qualifications-33%. The great need is observed on specialists in education and healthcare - 15%. Engineering and technical personnel occupy the penultimate line by degree of relevance-throughout the country need only 6.2 thousand. people (4.6% of the total demand of employers). The least demanded group of office workers, administrative staff and other servants-4%, "said Daulet Argandykov.

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