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In Kazakhstan has launched the Festival of health

In Kazakhstan has launched the Festival of health
Today in Kazakhstan, with organizational and methodological support of the National centre for problems of healthy lifestyle started the Festival of health under the motto "We are for healthy lifestyle!". Its main purpose is to attract public attention to the joint responsibility for maintaining and strengthening personal health by increasing physical activity, observance of balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits and formation of health-saving skills.
In the framework of the Festival of health in organizations of primary medical-sanitary assistance will be held days of open doors; in places of a mass congestion of people will be deployed "small health towns" with organization of free consultations, therapists, pediatricians, general practitioners, endocrinologists, pulmonologists at various aspects of healthy lifestyle; scheduled the holding of sports events, flash mobs and competitions on the theme "We value the health" among adolescents and young adults.
The events held in the framework of the health Festival will contribute to the normalization of immunity, reduce the incidence of respiratory, infectious, cardiovascular diseases, increase life expectancy, productivity and improve overall health.
The health festival will end on June 11 at 11 o'clock by Astana time, holding simultaneously "Marathon of health" with the participation of country population.
Changed on 6 June, 2016 - 15:23
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