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The expert group of the party "Nur Otan" has considered the progress of implementation of "RME 2020"

The expert group of the party "Nur Otan" has considered the progress of implementation of "RME 2020"
Today in the MHSD of RK under the chairmanship of the Mazhilis member Aigul Nurkina at videoconference held meeting of the expert group of the party "Nur Otan" in "Support of employment of socially vulnerable layers of the population" of the election program of the party "Nur Otan" for 2016-2020 "Kazakhstan-2021: Unity. Stability. Creation."
The event was attended by deputies of the Mazhilis, members of the party "Nur Otan", representatives of the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken", Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, JSC "Fund for financial support of agriculture", Central state bodies, deputies akims of oblasts and cities of Astana and Almaty, heads of managements of coordination of employment and social programs of regions and other.
Speaking at the meeting, Vice-Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov told about the situation on the labor market in Kazakhstan.
"In the deteriorating economic situation, the issues of saving stability in the labour market are most relevant. For employment of the population have taken a number of measures, including through the implementation of Road map of employment - 2020. Pursuant to the instructions of the head of state, this program was updated. Mechanisms to save jobs by temporarily subsidizing wage for shorter working hours (German experience), providing grants to employers for training workers, vocational training for working youth.
Along with this, measures to create jobs through improving the efficiency of microcredit, employment in the service sector", - he said.
The Vice-Minister noted that at the end of 1Q of 2016, the economically active population amounted to 8 million 907,2 thousand.
"Today, the economy of occupied 8 million 463,4 thousand people. The employment rate of the economically active population reached 95%. Among the employed population, the number of employees amounted to 6 million 235 thousand people, or 74% of self-employed – 2 million 228,3 thousand. In particular, productive-self-employed – 1 million 809.6 thousand persons, non-productive-self-employed – 418,7 thousand. The unemployed population amounted 443,7 thousand. The unemployment rate is 5%. The level of youth unemployment (15-28 years) is 4.3% for women and 5.6%", - Birzhan Nurymbetov informed.
As June 1, 2016 for implementation of the program "Road map of employment - 2020" dedicated 100,8 billion tenge.
Participated in the program 56,7 thousand people, including unemployed – 39.8 thousand people (70,2%), self – employed- 16,3 thousand (28.7 percent), partially employed – 589 persons (1%).
Among the participants the number of poor is 2267 people, disabled people – 1 822. The proportion of young people under the age of 29 years is 48% (27069 people), women – 49% (27571).
In the framework of "RME 2020" provided measures to promote employment of 56677 people, of them to permanent jobs employed 37920 people or 67%.
Today launched 149 projects, created 1938 job places, of them 913 participants of program.
In the framework of second direction on the microcredit allocated 30,8 billion tenge, issued 592 credit and at the expense of early-returned funds issued 402 credits. In total the microcredits have received 994 people.
Covered by professional training in the framework of the third direction – 3930 people, began from the new intake - 3711 people or 62% of the plan. Keep learning from the past year – 219 people. Completed training – 478 people, of them employed 272 people or 57%. On social work places employed 10977 people (114,8% of the planned amount) with average monthly wage 54208 tenge. The youth practice is aimed 6867 people (61%).
From labor-surplus to deficient regions moved 263 families (511 people). From 305 able-bodied family members are employed 253 people, including to permanent work places – 248 (98%).
We remind, that in 2015 the implementation of "RME 2020" it took about 32.8 billion tenge:  for implementation of the 1st direction (repair infrastructure) - 13.7 billion tenge (41.7%), for organization of microcredit – 10.4 billion tenge (31.7%), to professional training and wage subsidies target groups of population (social work places, youth practice) – 6 billion tenge (18.3%), for increase of labor mobility - 2.7 billion tenge (8.3%).
In 2015, the program participants were 136 thousand people, in the framework of the "RME 2020" have implemented 588  infrastructure projects with employment of 8.6 thousand people. In addition, more than 6 thousand people received microcredit to set up and expand their businesses, which have created more than 6.1 thousand additional jobs. 14 thousand people were offered to free professional training, 24, 5 thousand people were employed by government-subsidized jobs, 1.2 thousand people moved to the new place of residence with the provision of housing and employment assistance.
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