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The MHSD of RK is preparing a team of experts for training of physicians working with the National drug formulary

medicines in the RK

June 20-21 in Astana hosted a seminar on the full use of the new, free Kazakh national drug formulary (further - KNF) with free access to patients and physicians. During two days, international consultants and specialists of MHSD of RK spoke to key individuals from the capital and nearby regions about the advantages of KNF, instructed on how to prescribe medications to patients using new resource. Addressing to the participants of the seminar, one of the developers of KNF, Managing Director of EBN Health Duncan Enright, said: "We are pleased to inform KNF directly to healthcare workers in Kazakhstan. We want to teach people how to use this magnificent resource that will help not only to improve medical care provided to patients, but will also bring real benefit to medical workers. The form will help doctors to be aware of what new medications are approved, based on the latest evidence. It allows healthcare workers to ensure correct dosage and to find out any new information about the medications that they use. I am sure that the workshop participants will train others how to use a KNF, thus ensuring its continued wide use."

The seminar participants received materials to help them conduct relevant training within their organizations for widespread dissemination of this knowledge.

On June 23-24, a similar seminar will be held in Aktobe on June 27-28  in Almaty.

We will remind, Kazakhstan national drug formulary was developed with participation of international consultants from UK and New Zealand, the developers of the forms in their countries - Duncan Enright, Managing Director of EBN Health and David Woods, Clinical Director of the company.

KNF includes drugs with proven clinical efficacy, modeled on the principles of the best forms from around the world. It is available through any online link to the link www.knf.kz, it is easy to use as on computers and with the help of such mobile technologies as smart phones and tablets. The KNF is continually updated to provide the most relevant information in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Its purpose is to ensure the rational use of medicines and pharmaceutical care available for every citizen regardless of social status and income level.

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