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In Kazakhstan month on prevention of traumatism starts


Annually from the 1 to the 30 April month is held in Kazakhstan with aims of prevention of road-transport one and domestic traumatism among school-age children, adolescents, and youth. In 2016 this event will be with the motto "Violation of the rules of safe behaviour is danger for your health!".

In the course of month holding of events aimed at both increase of the level of knowledge about the traffic regulations, principles of delivery of the first first aid and formation of self protecting behavior is planned. These are round tables, debates, press conferences, various actions with participation of all the interested parties, a seminar – trainings and the seminars.

According to data of the World Health Organization, annually as a result of traumas and other accidents around 5 million people die in the world, which is almost 9% from the total number of deaths.

The traumas (road-transports traumatism, drownings, the burns, the fallings are even poisonings) are one of the three main causes of the death and disability among children in the age 5-15 years. Around 90% of children's traumas are results of unintentional incidents.

Based on the results of 2015 in Kazakhstan the rate of mortality from accidents, poisonings, and traumas was population's 84,06 per 100 thousand, which is 4,3% below the indicator of 2014 (87,8).

The incidents of traumatism, including road traffic accidents in roads, drownings, burns, decreases, and poisonings, occur at insufficient accountability of an individual for the condition of his Healthcare and surrounding people, in the absence of culture of self protecting behaviour, during violation of the traffic and safe behaviour.

For the purpose of prevention of ability to work and mortality an integrated model of delivery of trauma medical care is being introduced in Kazakhstan for provision with integrated prevention, treatment, clinical observation, rehabilitation services and social support of population.

In every region of the country action plans are adopted for deepening of regionalization of rendering of medical care.

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