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In Kazakhstan decade started on school nutrition organization

school nutrition

Today in all the regions of Kazakhstan decade started on school nutrition organization with the motto of "Healthy nutrition – health future is nations!" which will extend before April 10.

The objective of event: Increase of the level of population's awareness about significance of healthy nutrition, especially in the school age, promotion to creation of conditions for retention, and strengthenings of school health in educational institutions.

In the framework of decade conducting of education training workshops among medical officers on increase of awareness about the regime of nutrition, including, school-age children, significance of healthy nutrition in disease prevention, negative impact of fast food; children's tutorials with involvement of dietitians, nutritionists, epidemiologists and medical officers on the rational nutrition principles; interactive training with use of equipment of simulation of skills of healthy food is planned in the organizations of primary medical-sanitary aid of the republic. Work of health schools on issues of the regime of children's nutrition will be activated.

Holding of contests, dictations among pupils in the themes "I am for a healthy lifestyle", "Feed reasonably", "Fast food not for me"; lectures, trainings, interactive training about the themes "Healthy nutrition pyramid" is planned in the organizations of education, What do I know about food rich in vitamins?», «Fast food is utility or harm to health?; parent collections on issues of organization of correct meals, significance of hot meals, observance of the regime of meals, implantation of culture of nutrition of schoolboys; great hours for topics «Healthy nutrition. 12 principles recommended to WHO, "400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day are pledge of health"; a sport competition with the aim of increase of physical activity and strengthening of health among schoolboys etc.

Incorrect meals in the school age increase risk of increase of cardiovascular, oncological diseases, excesses weight, and obesity, sugar diabetes in the future adult life, lead to premature ability to work and reduction of the lifespan.

Holding of decade will allow to increase the level of population's rational and healthy nutrition awareness, implant skills of culture of nutrition of schoolboys and improve indicators of their health.

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