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The specialists of Republic RCC of social rehabilitation will conduct audio-verbal adaptation for children from Astana


From 6 to 20 April 2016 the specialists of the Republican Research and Clinical social rehabilitation center MHSD (further RCC) in whose number, the speech therapist, psychologist and masseur, will hold adaptation events for 20 children from Astana, as well as voice processors will set with it.

Audio-verbal adaptation of children who tolerated cochlear implantation is one of the priority tasks of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of RK. This year holding of audio-verbal adaptation of 250 children from all the republic was planned at the expense of state.

Procedures of audio-verbal adaptation will be conducted in Astana daily from 9.00 to 17.00 (break from 13.00 to 14.00) in the business centre "AKA" (Victory Ave. 79, 2 floor). For recording audio-verbal adaptation, contact to the head of the department of audio-verbal rehabilitation of RCC Svetlana Seitova tel. + 7-777-260-25-66.

We will remind you, that cochlea implant is a prosthesis allowing to the patients suffering from deafness to compensate hearing loss. At present around 3 thousand children are disabled in consequence of ear diseases in Kazakhstan.

In 2014, it was established the RSE "Research and Clinical Center of social rehabilitation" in Almaty, where the measures are taken for the audio-verbal rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants.

Changed on 6 April, 2016 - 16:36
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