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In the framework of the World health day Kazakhstan will host an information campaign on struggle with Zika virus

world health day

On April 7 in the framework of the World health day in all regions of Kazakhstan during organizational-methodological support of the National centre of problems of formation of healthy lifestyle by MHSD RK, Research and Clinical centre of sanitary-epidemiological expert examination and monitoring by the Committee on consumer rights protection by MNE RK  will take place an information campaign on struggle with Zika virus. 

The goal of conducted campaign: Attraction of attention of the public to prevention of this virus disease, increase of awareness about its symptoms, measures of protection from bites of mosquitoes etc.

Appearances of specialists in electronic and printed media, on stations are planned in the framework of information campaign; the placement of information materials in internet portals; the audio-video in organizations of primary medical-sanitary care (further PMSC), the holding of press conferences with participation of specialists of departments on consumer rights protection; the dissemination of informational-educational materials about measures of individual protection; appearance in the PMSP organizations, educational institutions, and places of mass accumulation of people.

This year the Committee of the World Health Organization by International medical - sanitary regulations recognized the fast dissemination of Zika virus represented an emergency of international importance in the field of national health.

This virus transmits to people in the bites of infected mosquitoes and mosquitoes from genus of Aedes albopictus and аegypti inhabiting tropical regions. From person to person it does not transmit. The disease occurs during 4-7 days in mild and moderately severe clinical form and runs out as recovery. Increase of body temperature is the main symptoms, skin rash, conjunctivitis, pains in joints, headache, nausea rarely, and vomiting. At the same time they are data about significant impact of virus on person's fetus. Infecting of women in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy leads to anomalies of fetal development, including, to microcephaly of newborns. The specific vaccination and treatment are absent.

Prevention and control of morbidity are based on reduction of the number of mosquitoes by removal of their source (destruction and conversion of breeding places) and reduction of likelihood of contact of people with mosquitoes.

We will remind you, that World health day is celebrated annually on April 7 - on the day of creation of the World Health Organization in 1948. 

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