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This year participants of the program "Road map of employment - 2020" were more than 78 thousand people

Central communications Service

Since the beginning of this year participants of the program "Road map of employment - 2020" (hereinafter – the "Road map of employment -2020") were 78,4 thousand people, including unemployed citizens – 44.9 thousand people (57.3 per cent), self-employed – 25.3 thousand people (32.2 percent), partially employed 750 people (1%). About that today at the briefing in the Central communications Service on "the Results of the program "Road map of employment - 2020" and regional integrated plans for employment promotion for the first half of 2016," said Vice-Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov.

He noted that among the participants of "Road map of employment -2020" the share of the poor is 3 thousand 340 people, invalids – 2 594 thousand people. The proportion of young people under 29 years of age is 46.2% (36 thousand 206 persons), women – 45,8% (35 thousand 968 people).

In 2016 on the implementation of "Road map of employment - 2020" dedicated 100,8 billion.

In the framework of "Road map of employment - 2020", which aimed at providing employment through the development of infrastructure and housing and communal services are realized 643 project created 9 thousand 579 jobs, employed 4 thousand 697 program participants.

Within the second direction of the program aimed at creating jobs through development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, microcredit allocated 30,8 billion, 2 thousand 871 people received microcredits.

In the third track, which provides training and employment assistance and resettlement, vocational training covered 4 thousand 191 people.

On social jobs employed 11 thousand 647 people with average monthly wage 53 80 thousand tenge. Youth practical training involved 8 thousand 558 persons.

From labor-surplus to labor-deficit regions relocated 320 families (672). 424 of able-bodied family members are employed 319 people, including permanent jobs – 314.

Birzhan Nurymbetov reminded that pursuant to the instructions of the head of state program "Road map of employment - 2020" was updated.

"Mechanisms to save jobs by temporarily subsidizing part of the wages for reduced working time (experience of Germany), grants to employers for training workers, vocational training of young workers. Along with this, measures to create jobs through improving the efficiency of micro-credit, employment expansion in the service sector", - said Birzhan Nurymbetov.

The Deputy Minister also informed about the situation on the labor market in Kazakhstan.

The Vice-Minister noted that at the end of Q1 2016, the economically active population amounted to 8 million 907,2 thousand people.

"Currently, the economy of occupied 8 million 463,4 thousand people. The employment rate of the economically active population reached 95%. Among the employed population, the number of employees amounted to 6 million 235 thousand people or 74%, self-employed – 2 million 228,3 thousand. In particular, productive-self-employed – 1 million of 809.6 thousand persons, non-productive-self-employed – 418,7 thousand people. The unemployed population amounted to 443,7 thousand. The unemployment rate is 5%. The level of youth unemployment (15-28 years) is 4.3%, women – 5,6%," said Birzhan Nurymbetov.

We remind, that in 2015 the implementation of the "Road map of employment - 2020" it took about 32.8 billion tenge sales of the 1st direction (repair infrastructure) to 13.7 billion tenge (41.7 per cent), the organization of microcredit – 10.4 billion tenge (31.7 per cent), in vocational training and wage subsidies target groups (social jobs, youth practice – 6 billion tenge (18.3 percent), to increase labor mobility - 2.7 billion (8.3 per cent).

In 2015, program participants were 136 thousand, in the framework of the "Road map of employment - 2020" is implemented 588 infrastructure projects with employment of 8.6 thousand. In addition, more than 6 thousand people received microcredit to set up and expand their businesses, which have created more than 6.1 thousand additional jobs. 14 thousand people were offered free training, 24, 5 thousand people were employed by government-subsidized jobs, 1.2 thousand people moved to the new place of residence with the provision of housing and employment assistance.

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