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In the MHSD of RK has summed up results of activities in the healthcare sector in the first half of 2016

College of MHSD of RK

Today the Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova held a meeting of the Board of MHSD of RK by results of activity in the field of healthcare within 6 months of the year.

In the event was attended by the Executive Secretary and the Vice-Ministers of MHSD of RK, chairmen of committees, heads of structural subdivisions and subordinate organizations of the Ministry, during the video conference, the Deputy akims of oblasts, Astana and Almaty, heads of departments of healthcare, Directors of departments of Committee of payment on medical services and the Committee monitoring the medical and pharmaceutical activity of the MHSD of RK, rectors of medical Universities.

Opening the Board meeting, Tamara Duisenova noted, that it is necessary to make every effort for the development of the national healthcare system, which will focus on disease prevention and the delivery of primary medical-sanitary care focused on each patient.

The meeting summed up the activities of the coordinating councils to implement the integrated model of medical care in 5 main socially significant, non-communicable diseases and diseases that significantly affect the demographics of the population: acute myocardial infarction, acute violation of cerebral circulation (stroke), malignant neoplasms, injuries, pregnancy and childbirth.

Vice-Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoy briefed on the implementation of the image project "Polyclinic without queues".

"In the 294 institutions providing primary medical-sanitary care (further - PMSC), was conducted monitoring of event aimed at reducing queues. According to the results established that the procedure for writing prescriptions free drugs to patients with chronic diseases simplified in all regions - the recipes are written for 3 months at once. 286 organizations that provide outpatient care, implemented pre-registration of patients for doctor or house call by writing, in a direct appeal to the front Desk on the phone. In 290 primary medical-sanitary care organizations for emergency patients has cabinets-filters and first-aid offices. For patients to undertake routine inspection has 282 screening of the Cabinet. In all regions operates a patient support and helplines according to the principle "Here and now", - said the Deputy Minister.

Also, at the meeting discussed the issues of school medicine.

"On June 1 of this year according to the schedule of preventive examinations covered 2.6 million students (97.9%). Taken on a clinical account 305,8 thousand students (11.4%). According to the results of routine inspection formed health groups, individual plans of improvement of students during the summer vacation period. In June redeveloped 1.2 million schoolchildren," said Alexey Tsoy.

Completed development of Standard on the organization of care children in educational institutions. In 2017 planned transfer to electronic storage data of the state of health of schoolchildren.

Also at the meeting were discussed the issues of treatment of patients with anthrax in the Pavlodar and Karaganda oblast and prevention of the disease; social mobilization and information work with population on immunization; drug supply on the outpatient level; modernization of medical education and human resources management system; on the implementation of mandatory social health insurance (further - MSMI).

Following the discussions, Tamara Duisenova instructed to intensify work in all areas, especially careful approach to the implementation of the integrated model of medical care and MSMI.

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