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During the years of independence, the death rate from accidents, injuries and poisoning in Kazakhstan decreased more than 23%

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During the years of independence the death rate from accidents, injuries and poisoning in Kazakhstan decreased by 23.1% (from 107.3 per 100 thousand population in 1991 to 82.5 in 2015).

In the framework of the state program of healthcare development "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015 with the aim of reducing road traffic injuries in conjunction with the Ministry of interior (the emergency Committee) was established science of medicine is air ambulances, medical and rescue points.

The air ambulance service for 5 years (since the establishment) was carried out more than 6,7 thousand flights in regions with heavy patients. Transported more than 6 thousand patients for health reasons, conducted more than 500 operations on site.

On the most dangerous sites of roads of Republican value created 40 route medical-rescue points. For 5 years made more than 4 thousand visits to traffic accidents, provided medical assistance to more than 12 thousand victims, including more than 800 children.

In addition, Scientific research Institute of traumatology and orthopedy of the MHSD of RK (further - SRITO) for 15 years of activity, the standards of examination and treatment of patients at the level of the Central city, district and oblast hospitals for injuries of the musculoskeletal apparatus, thermal and chemical burns. Composed 45 medical-economic protocols of diagnostics and treatment in traumatology, orthopedics, thermal injury, maxillofacial injury, polytrauma, neurotrauma, intensive care, microsurgery, rheumatology and rehabilitation.

Since 2006 in the Institute has a training centre for postgraduate training of specialists, equipped with modern audio and video systems, tools and models for osteosynthesis, arthroscopy, endoprosthesis replacement of large joints. On ongoing basis conducts training workshops, seminars, conferences with participation of leading specialists from near and far abroad.

In 2006, in SRITO for the first time in the Republic, organized by the Department of arthroscopy and sports injuries, and in 2014 at its base opened a Republican center of arthroscopy and sports injuries, where annually more than 1500 arthroscopic operations on large joints.

In the treatment of patients with isolated and multiple trauma in the first hours after admission patients are minimally invasive methods of osteosynthesis. It is possible to reduce the time of hospital treatment of patients with fractures of the clavicle, forearm, ankles, and 5 days, exclude plaster immobilization and to begin early rehabilitation.

Through cooperation with leading centers of traumatology and orthopedics of the countries of near and far abroad are trained professionals and scientific staff of the Institute of modern technologies of diagnostics and treatment at training sessions and seminars held in USA, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Over the years in the best clinics of Europe and the United States trained about 100 specialists.

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