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In this year in Atyrau oblast in the framework of the "Road map of employment 2020" will be repaired 35 objects of the social sphere

RME 2020

In 2016 in Atyrau oblast in the first direction of the «Road map of employment 2020» program (further – the "Road map of employment-2020"), ensuring employment through development of infrastructure and housing and communal services, allocated from the Republican budget to $ 1.4 billion. By these means, it is planned to implement 35 infrastructure projects, 29 of which will be overhauled in 6 – current.

Of the total number of buildings needing repair, 31 object refers to the field of education 1 – social protection 3 – culture.

The implementation of infrastructure projects will create 613 jobs, of them through the employment centers will be employed 316 people.

Currently launched 30 projects, where already employed 364 people, of whom 204 are participants of "Road map of employment 2020".

We remind, in 2015 on implementation of the first direction of "RME 2020" has been allocated 13.7 billion tenge in total sold 588 of infrastructure projects and employed 8.6 thousand persons.

In 2016 on implementation of the first direction of "Road map of employment 2020" dedicated to 80.1 billion. These funds will be distributed among regions on the basis of applications of local executive boards on number of projects.

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