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In Kazakhstan has created the Association of medical care

medical services

Today in Astana hosted presentation of the first Associations in the country, emergency medical service, whose membership included the regional medical organization of emergency medical services and the Republican center for sanitary aviation.

Its purpose was to promote the further development of modern ambulance services and sanitary aviation in Kazakhstan. The Association's activities will focus on integration and development is a priority of the service in the country, optimization of regulatory legal base in the field of emergency medical care and proposing recommendations for improving quality.

In the framework of its activities of public Association plans to join forces in the medical education system and professional training of specialists in the field of emergency medical care, implementing innovative methods of treatment, carrying out joint training courses, training conferences and workshops, the establishment of the Association of awards in this sphere.

Created by NGO aims to promote cooperation with international and national research associations, international organizations.

In the future, the Association plans to expand its activities abroad and actively share their experience with colleagues from near and far abroad.

The development of such a combined service will improve the level of quality of medical care in the country, and also successfully solve the problematic issues of the system of emergency medical care.

In the framework of the first meeting of the Association held the seminar on road accident for drivers of ambulance transport with participation of management of administrative police of DIA of Astana.

The Ministry of Healthcare and Social development of Kazakhstan and local healthcare authorities of the Republic approved Creation of public enterprises. It should be noted that NGO play a significant role in addressing the key problems of formation of civil society.

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